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  1. Default Arcade Miss Fortune

    Artist Nyaruko on Deviantart drew this skin idea


    I think this would make for a quite amazing skin! I love Arcade Sona and the sound effects she has, it's easily the best skin in the game.

    What do you think?

  2. Default Re: Arcade Miss Fortune

    :o so nice

    my Mrs Fortune idea needs to become a reality still :(

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    Default Re: Arcade Miss Fortune

    As I mentioned on IRC, I think it's an awesome skin, and that it should digital hearts that follow you as you strut :3

    I also said it should be an ultimate skin that has an evolving model. her boobs get larger every few levels.

  4. Default Re: Arcade Miss Fortune

    Just having that hat would have them in a knee-deep layer of doodoo. But overall an amazing idea.

  5. Default Re: Arcade Miss Fortune

    Reddit peoples said to make it say MF rather than just M. Tada, problem solved!

  6. Default Re: Arcade Miss Fortune

    Oh, wow that's fancy. I really like that skin idea for her. Miss Fortune is one of my favourite ADC's to play.

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    Great idea, I've stumbled upon it on Reddit once or twice. Someone suggested coins raining down for Make It Rain.



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