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  1. Cash7 bout that music

    Figured I would mess around and try making a dynamic-sounding song with just one instrument (I can always count on bells).

    The song is actually just a 40 second clip with 4 or 5 different melodies, but looped 3 times.
    My goal was to make the melodies fluid enough that I could have it repeat over and over and kinda seem different each time.

    Maybe it's just because I'm overtired but all in all, I'm really content with how it turned out. =)
    Now I just have to figure out more fun handicaps to experiment with. Gotta get out of my comfort zone.


    Ho hummm; Critiques? Buttpats? Tips on what to try next?

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    Default Re: bout that music

    Lingering buttpat for you sir. (no homo..?)

    I like it, very simple yet relaxing, and if you hadn't mentioned it was looped I never would have realized because it wasn't repetitive.
    Kinda reminds me of the music from the sunken ship levels of Dark Cloud. Definitely brought back memories of it anyway.

  3. Default Re: bout that music

    Hehee good to know that I got the effect I wanted :) Tyvm for the feedback



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