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  1. Default NX covers for Xenon?

    Simple question, which NX weapon covers work with Energy Swords? (I'd like to know specifically which of the current surprise style NX covers would work.)

    Does anything that covers a 1h sword/bw/axe/dagger work on it?

  2. Default Re: NX covers for Xenon?

    I'd also like to know this. Every item in the EMS cash shop says that they cant be placed over Energy Swords. I'm begging that we get a better CS with the unlimited part 2 update in 2 days.

  3. Default Re: NX covers for Xenon?

    No replies, so I'll bump with this:

    As of Unleashed, it seems NX covers gained 'unable to cover Beam whips' or whatever, which happens to be what energy swords were renamed to in GMS.
    I don't know whether NX lacking the tag in descriptions are the only ones that'll have it.
    A FEW weapons with it

    If @Locked; or someone could check tooltips for 'Except Whip Blades' or whatever in the data (of GMS or KMS), that'd really help!

  4. Default Re: NX covers for Xenon?

    From what I've seen only covers that specifically were made in the patch work for those weapons. This happened earlier with Cannons in Legend and Shining Rods in Tempest and I've seen it happen with Desperados in EMS too. As far as I know, only the weapon of the xenon set (which has +5 att/matt and works with all weapons) works with Energy Swords/Beam Whips. If there are any more, I haven't been able to find them in the EMS CS.

  5. Default Re: NX covers for Xenon?

    I'm pretty sure the weapon covers from the Surprise Boxes will mask over them. They don't list any restriction on them right now.



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