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  1. Default [Question] about item drop rate

    DemonSlayer [Demon Cry] (+20% drop)
    Bishop [Holy Symbol] (hyper skill +30% drop)
    Accessory (+xx% Drop)
    Family buff 1.2x drop
    winter +50% drop

    when on 2x drop coupon , which no stack ?

    eq 60% drop rate [earring 20% + ring 20% + ring 20%] , will become 60% ? or 20% (no stack) ?

    if i killing a boss , what drop buff should i do ? (below thoes thing)

    2x coupon
    demoncry +20%
    hs +30%
    accessory drop +60%
    family 1.2x drop
    winter +50% drop

    pls help ..

  2. Default Re: [Question] about item drop rate

    The general rule is that two of a kind in the same Inventory tab cannot be stacked. You can't stack two Cash Shop coupons, Winter drop and Easter drop, Familiar and Winter drop, and so on and so forth.

    I believe you can't use Family buff and Winter drop. The last time I tried Family + Easter Egg 2x drop, I got a message saying "One or more events are already in progress." So I had to cancel the Family buff.

    As for the second question, all those drop rates will stack.

  3. Default Re: [Question] about item drop rate

    Drop rate = CashShop X DropBuff X AlchemyBuff X Potential X SkillBuff

    Only 1 cash shop coupon gets applied.
    Only 1 normal drop rate buff can be active at a time. Familiars, consumables (easter egg), and family drop all fall into this category.
    Skill based drop rate buffs should stack with each other multiplicatively.
    Alchemy buff is wealth acquisition potion.
    Potential probably stacks with itself additively.



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