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    Basil has helped very little on prices, as I've only gotten one iTCG price, and no prices for chairs regarding the Bera server, and I need some help. I've been gone for a while, and I don't know what prices are for anything. Help is much appreciated! Hoping third time's the charm.


    amorian loveseat
    navy velvet sofa
    cake chair
    fish tank
    dragon skull
    sand bunny
    male desert rabbit
    red round chair
    pink beach parasol
    easel chair
    chocolate fondue
    scary witch

    iTCG material components

    blinking dingbat
    mystic astrolobe
    black versal materia
    white versal materia
    ridley's book of rituals
    pharaohs wrappings
    dark matter
    typhon crest
    lefay jewel
    taru spirit feather

    iTCG equips

    el nathian cape
    cloak of corruption
    crystal blade
    glitter gloves
    miners hat
    maku - STR

    As for evolution rings I have lvl 17 evolution ring (tradable), and lvl 17 evolution ring II (tradeable).

    GM Scroll Services

    I've noticed since coming back they've made gm scrolls untradeable to anything other than your own account, but luckily I have the legendary spirit skill to scroll things. I have the following GM scrolls sitting in a mule, and would like to know what I can sell the scrolling service of them for

    Glove for Att
    2h Sword
    2h BW
    2h Axe

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    Miner's hat - 70mil
    Taru weps - 40~70mil each
    crystal blade - 150~200mil each

    Scania prices

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    I'd ask you to GM my Xbow but I'm waiting for the 9 att scrolls.

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    Well, guess third time's not the charm for all of it, the iTCG prices helped some, but could you let me know about how much you'd pay/offer for the GM service if it was something you were interested in/what the average is it might go for?



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