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  1. Default choosing paladin or demonslayer ?

    anyone near the status below ? i need for help in paladin and demonslayer

    STR 6000 (Base + EQ + str%)

    Boss dmg 120% [weapon n shield]

    ignore 40%

    glove : 15% min crit dmg , 15% max crit cmg

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    hows the dmg ?

    Paladin - Blast Dmg : ?

    Paladin - ACB Dmg : ?

    DemonSlayer DI Dmg : ?

    pls help

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    If you're looking for damage, then Paladin isn't your guy. Demon Slayer far outclasses it.

  3. Default Re: Odp: choosing paladin or demonslayer ?

    dont even bother with a paladin if ur main attraction is damage.

  4. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: VXArtillery
    Server: Yellonde
    Level: 181
    Job: Cannon Master
    Guild: Purify
    Alliance: Purify
    Farm: Yellondia

    Default Re: choosing paladin or demonslayer ?

    Don't Pallys have like, the second worst overall DPS? I mean they are decent support, but not good attackers.

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    oh ok , for demon slayer ,go to empress cygnus queen . using DI skill will hit how many dmg with thoes eq (emp set) ?

    1. DI skill with Self Buff =
    2. DI Skill with self buff + Bam aura + pala CO + adv bless =

    any idea ?

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    What good is 6000 strength if you can't stay in the fight. Pallys are constantly getting buffed, every patch, even when everyone else is getting nurfed. Yeah, it'll never be enough, but we're beast at surviving a bad circumstance. I've run Root Abyss (a place I had no business being at 125) where literally everyone but me got OHKO in the first attack. Seriously good players who made a minor mistake here or there getting bounced from the fight.

    And God, now, more than ever I wish I had a picture of me doing this but sufficive to say:
    10 OHKO hit immunity from the Root Abyss (and other) Bosses, no books required, can proc off of Guardian block (42% chance).
    Speaking of, Guardian does not give a pineapple. It can also block OHKOs (proc-ing Divine Shield in the process), but try not to rely on it for that. It's best to just chest bump the boss to proc the regular damage immunity.

    Reduce OHKOs to Near Death rather than guaranteed death.

  7. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: VXArtillery
    Server: Yellonde
    Level: 181
    Job: Cannon Master
    Guild: Purify
    Alliance: Purify
    Farm: Yellondia

    Default Re: choosing paladin or demonslayer ?

    You had no place being at RA at 125? How fascinating. Tell me more about how you don't go at 100 on every character as I do. That statement alone shows how bad Pallys are.

    I know Pallys have their pride, but I think its time to give up the fight.

    Also, don't lie just to prove a point. Not every class is nerfed every patch. For example, Cannoneers now have earlier access to Extra Strike Barrage along with the passive 30% crit that Barrage gives.

  8. Default Re: choosing paladin or demonslayer ?

    Well, actually all classes recently just got Improved with them changing about hypers to make the +1 lines more convianent. But honestly i think making the 20% damage boost to barrage and Lazer blast like 195 now a small nerf. Almost all classes did have that change. I will be weaker on my DS now cause i will no loner have impact +20%. Going to have to get up to 195 now :X And actually he has a point! a rather small one but a point none the less i have leached multiple of my friends chars at RA at around 100-120, and they all died within the first hit of the boss. Our survivability can not be looked over, since we have more than DAs now, since % hp attacks still effect you just as much as us, we still have iframes :) AND possibly, from reading patch notes 10% damage reduction THAT DOES effect % hp damage skills from bosses I know paladins dont have the best damage, but hopefully before red is over we will be improved on! theres still 2 weeks of kmst patchin going on, we can become stronger. Sure not stronger than demon slayer, or DA, but we will hopefully have better damage than now

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    How does her statement alone show how bad paladins are?
    Just because he/she doesn't go to root abyss at Lv 100 like you do doesn't mean they shouldn't be there.

    And just so you know they're not as bad as people think in the first place.
    We might lack some good damage buffs such at attack increase and whatever but 300% dmg without hypers x7 doesn't sound all that bad to me.
    Our mobbing skills is actually quite amazing too especially since it hits 9 mobs right now.

    I think it's time to give up the fight? What do you even mean by that...

    Also, don't take her ''When everyone is getting nerfed'' so litteral. She's simply saying that we never got downgraded while a lot of
    other classes did get nerfed. No reason to flat out say she's lying just to prove a point.

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    To me, my validity for being in a place, is drawn from how long I can go being unconcerned with death based on the expectations set to me by playing my class. Which, as a standard, for paladin is to be an 'exceptionally long' time. Where as to me other classes would have a shorter expectation.

    I will have you know that I won that fight (Von Bon) by myself, but the cost in potions vs the reward in tokens was not sufficient to me and my personal standards to justify my being there. As Death suggested, this was a personal decision about my needs. After all I was still, at 125 in my 90 gear that had it's full scrolling in 100% defense scrolls.

    I am generally late to change gear, as the longer I wait the cheaper it gets. So before you criticize the class, ask yourself, "Is Pally bad, or is Avatarded just a bad pally?" Because by your standards, I am very probably just a career baddie all around and pally has no specific part in that.

    Despite playing the class with distinction, I didn't mention my victory because I didn't feel it was relative to my case on why Pally is bossing material, and I felt the conclusion of my victory was inherently obvious because of how I phrased the unimportance of the boss OHKOs.

    The fact that a 125 pally, in badly scrolled 90 gear, can solo Von Bon should speak volumes of the classes' bossing potential.

    If you look to a class based on the changes made in this patch, or that, you will flow between classes like a nerdraging river. There will be no consistency in your gameplay at all. Understanding core, fundamental aspects of a class, and appreciating them for what they are is central fo finding a class that you can enjoy. What you are describing is the constant bandwagoning that occurs whenever there is a new class or class update that makes something seem 'overpowered' enough to justify changing class.

    Whereas I am trying to illustrate core features of the class, whether or not I am a baddie in playing that class, as it takes all sorts of perspectives to make an informed decision. And, none of these points had yet been shared by 'better' paladins.

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    Wat, since when did our defense work against RA boss attacks? Last time I checked 1hko attacks cut through all defense.

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    Works for me, actual defense doesn't give any benefit to resisting RA attacks though. Skills do work, at least they did, last time I was there since it's not about defense but complete immunity. I also know that Bishop's party shell/shield works too (at least it did, again, last time I was there).

    I'm just reporting what my experience has been, and in my experience Pianus gives me more trouble than RA, RA is just tediously long.

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    Lv 200 DS here with 49k HP. DS have a silly good ammount of survivability.



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