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    Alright, so I'm lost on the topic of Elemental Staffs and Wands. For the sake of me getting the answer I need, I need to compare just the Level 163 Staffs.

    I'm not worried about the stats other than do they still have Elemental Boost.

    I've done research and several other sites are giving me mixed information:
    A couple are saying that they no longer have the Elemental attribute. Others are saying they do, but Elemental Staff 5 and 6 both have an increase of 10% to Fire and 5% to Poison. Another is saying it was fixed and that EStaff 6 has 10% Poison and 5% Fire.

    I'm asking, because I have a buddy selling an E Staff 6. I have an alliance member selling an E Staff 7, and he's a F/P Mage. He's willing to trade me his E Staff 7 for an E Staff 6 if the 10% bonus to Fire is still applicable, so I'm debating on buying the EStaff 6 from a buddy and trading for the EStaff7. I don't care either way because I'm a Battle Mage, but the EStaff 7 does have more Magic Attack on it in this situation, but I don't want my alliance member getting screwed out of the deal.

    Please, can somebody confirm what status Elemental Staffs are at right now? Thanks.

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    They should all give the correct bonuses now

    Staff 6 was glitched for a while and gave 10% fire 5% poison. Now it correctly gives 10% poison 5% fire. There were a few others that were glitched as well, but idk which ones.

    I don't know how to look at wz files so I can't check the bonuses directly.

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    Default Re: Elemental Staffs and Wands

    Above post is correct. All the elemental bonuses are currently fixed afaik.



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