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  1. Default Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    Hi SP, so I've been wondering if anyone else's world apart from Broa has been hit with random perma-bans while at empress.

    Yesterday, three people I know of Broa has been permed at Empress, and whilst I can't be 100% sure, I still am pretty sure they did not use third-party hacking programs, considering the two of them out of the three was from my BL.

    I've spent all day tracking down SP/Basil/Official maple forums, but no threads have popped up, which has me wondering if this is an issue in Broa only.

    I know that permanent bans are given by the GMs only, but the circumstances are that there would have been no reasons for the GMs to ban at empress.

    Empress is pretty empty now at Broa due to this, and I myself am putting off my runs until future update/more information upon this subject. I would highly appreciate any comments, or input on this from those that can shed some light upon the subject.

  2. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    The perma bans at empress doesn't necessarily mean they were doing something illegit there, maybe they were previously caught leeching off hackers in sh/lhc?

    Until Nexon starts providing "evidence" in their tickets to people who are banned, I doubt anyone will ever know for sure, best of luck to your buddies in getting unbanned.

  3. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    No, but the chances of them all being banned whilst in empress for that reason is too slim to be a coincidence.

    If nexon started handing out perma bans to everyone that's previously leeched, i doubt many of us would survive.

  4. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    Well they really dont have the time to provide evidence.
    Nexon dont ban players for doing nothing, and even if they do they reverse it if need be.

  5. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    History suggests otherwise, i believe.

  6. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    Any proof?

  7. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    ask zelkova for your "proof"

  8. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    Deja vu all over again?

    Flood of Empress hacking -> everyone complains 'Nexon do something!' -> GMs start banning for real -> flood of unjust permaban complaints.
    Who to believe?; are they people partying with hackers (so yeah, they aren't hacking themselves),
    or are they undeserved bans by careless and incompetent outsourced GMs who can't tell the difference between hackers and non-hackers?

    Not true, though I don't doubt these Empress bans are done by GMs.

    Here you go, some previous examples of undeserved banning:,%20Nexon...

    Example of undeserved perma -autoban, he got unbanned quickly only because he was streaming video when the autoban came down:

  9. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    I apologise if i was misinformed in thinking that Empress bans are given by GMs personally only.

    I rather think that your stab at incompetent outsourced GMs may have some truths to that statement. As far as I know, two DBs and one Kaiser has been banned in Broa over the course of the past 24hours, and it seems very suspicious that these classes should both have ways of avoiding DR, Kaiser by Final Transformation and DB by CoH.

    Ofcourse, it's all speculation, and nothing will probably come out of it, but if the GMs consider DR bypass or DR negation as "hacks" .. we do have a problem. IF in the case it is so.

    Other things that have popped into my mind is the accidental Empress freeze, or the spam on potion pot, both of which have been blamed as a possible cause for ban in previous instances.

  10. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    Well obviously nothing will change your mind, But yea nexon are gaining nothing from banning innocent players so why would they?
    The banned players obviously either sold NX, leeched from a hacker, or done something else illegal and just dont want to tell anyone.

  11. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    Why ask for proofs if you choose to have blind faith in Nexon after being presented with them and naively think that they are competent enough to distinguish hackers from non-hackers?

    the link provided by MissingLink has false bans, and false bans overturned. Yet you choose to believe Nexon never mistakes

    I've already stated that they have only been banned at empress. If you're suggesting that Nexon decided to check the history, only of the people who Empress, well...

  12. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    There's an option to ignore people in SP, probably in settings tab.
    I don't play anymore but if your friends really did nothing wrong I feel sorry for them and hopefully GMs figure out everything for your friends.

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    Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    If your friends were indeed falsely banned, good luck.

    You'll have to fight tooth and nail with nexon to get them to hear you out, as you can see by the threads already linked a few posts above mine.

  14. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    Thanks for the warning, I'll start recording all my runs again just in case something happens.

    There seems to be no issue in CMYK since at least 2 different groups (1 of which was me) did full runs yesterday. The other guy also did a full run right after the server check, and there was definitely a GM patrolling at that time since a hacker went in right after him and got banned.

  15. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    I've also done a full run post SC and it was all fine, and so did a couple of my other friends.

    I've had a few people just #YOLO'ing to borrow their word, and going in for V2s, although I know of none that has run full Empress as of yet. I'm glad to know that no other servers have the same issues though, makes me think it as a one off incident.

  16. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    I've never heard of people getting perma'd from leeching off hackers / botters. All I've ever read was them getting 3-7 day bans from that sort of stuff. The actual hacker / botter gets the perma, though.

  17. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    They did perm ban a bunch of legits who leeched off the Hard Mode Magnus kills. I see no reason for them not to do it for everything else, training included.
    Not saying your friends did that, but yeah.

  18. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    @CherryPie; Curious, am I your third person?

  19. Default Re: Empress Bans starting on 6/6

    Were you hit by the ban too? :( and no, I wasn't aware



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