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Thread: [In Progress] 3!6!9! Event

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    If you stay logged in 5 hours from the start of the event, will it work after each day?

    (For example, I log on June 6th, stay online for 5 hours, and my 200% exp will work on June 7, 8, 9, etc. assuming I don't log off?)

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    No, I'm pretty sure it resets when you log off or dc. We had this event with Root Abyss, and it worked like that.

  4. Default Re: 3!6!9! Event

    Evo world doesn't count as party play right?

  5. Default Re: 3!6!9! Event

    Why is it called "3!6!9!"?

    And leaving a mule for 1 hour to get 30% more exp seems like a hassle.

  6. Default Re: 3!6!9! Event

    Only if you don't use Party EXP cores, IIRC.

  7. Default Re: 3!6!9! Event

    Not worth it. Assuming you stay on long enough for the 200% bonus, you're only getting 500% exp for 3 kills, or 167% per kill. Contrast this with 200% per kill if you wait for a 2x event.

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    No. But they do count as boss mobs.

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    Because the bonus applies to every third kill.

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    Yeah.. it not applying to Evo World is the killer for me.

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    6 720 362880

    Somehow that event seems a lot less fun.

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    While I was trying to figure out what 3!6!9! meant, one of the things I came up with was factorials.

    But the 6th and 9th made no sense at all so that was immediately dismissed ;p.

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    Default Re: 3!6!9! Event

    Like you can stay on for 5 hours without dcs anyways. Oh Nexon...

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    Yeah, this kind of event is just annoying more than anything else with the constant disconnects.
    I got disconnected 'for hack reason' three times within an hour or so levelling up a new char at ribbon pigs and mixed golems.
    Seemed like levelling up was considered hacking; I'd level up and within a second, bam.

    Imagine a new player trying the game for the first time, and encountering that. Good chance they would quit.

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    Best place I've found for using the 3!6!9! so far is at Dim invasion.

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    Was that from the lag produced by levelling up?

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    Default Re: 3!6!9! Event

    Cool. I'm 200 an have no purpose for this event

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    Welcome to level cap, where the end game content is as barren as my imaginary ovaries.



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