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  1. Default Unique Monster Life Monsters/Buildings

    Forgive me if this has already been addressed elsewhere:

    There are certain monsters you can obtain in Monster Life that do not currently appear in-game (IE that frozen Tortie from Coke Town). Is this a hint of areas to come? Has Nexon (Korea) made any official statements in regard to this?

    Not to mention that some of the buildings are unique, in that they have little or no resemblance to any existing areas. Could this also be foreshadowing new, unreleased areas?

    I personally would love to see a Coke-Town revival area (minus the logo-branding, if licensing can't be acquired). What are your thoughts? Do you think these monsters/buildings will remain Monster Life-exclusive, or will we see them in future areas?

  2. Default Re: Unique Monster Life Monsters/Buildings

    Isn't it like that in KMS too? I don't think that led to any new areas being released there.

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    Default Re: Unique Monster Life Monsters/Buildings

    make a new fictional brand for soda in maplestory and then we get that zone...

    well I would like to see coke town along with other zones even bgm.... like night market bgm and place(even if they dont have any original monster afaik.... i looks pretty cool)

    well I would like to see all the world tour released someday even if it is a "nerfed" zone



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