Well I'm kinda getting bored of working on my link skill characters so I'm going to take a break from them and my Wind archer (mostly because I'm just going to amass a bunch of tickets to later just go crazy with). So out of my characters I've already made, I wanna try to actually train on it. I'll list the options: Wild hunter (89), Hermit (79), Evan (100), Dual blade (125), Aran (74?), Battle mage (84), Luminous (104) (Yes I know it's a link skill character but some of them I actually wanna try out for a while), Angelic Buster (127), Kanna (127), Hayato (78) (I'm not getting this one past 85 because it's my MPE mule), Chief bandit (94) (sorta iffy on this one because I'm playing with a friend and we're doing a Night lord, Shadower combo), and finally my Mech (41) (Also a bit iffy on this one because it's sorta boring). The rest of my characters are Mercedes (122), Cannoneer (96), Demon slayer (120), Phantom (182), Night walker (120), Kasier (110), Dawn warrior (120). Btw I am going to fund this character to the best of my ability, but I'm really limited on funds, but don't throw that as a factor because I'll find a way to get the equipment I need.