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  1. Default Hanae's Drawings


    I am starting to practice drawing things in SAI, as opposed to using Adobe Flash. This is ordered from my personal favourites downwards.

    I'd like to note if anyone wants to suggest things for me to draw to help me practice, feel free! I cannot promise I will draw everything though. Any and all feedback is helpful also as I am still learning.

    You can also find more of my stuff on deviantART.

    Update: I have gone and updated this topic. Time sure flies!

    Most Recent:

    Hanging Cat

    Pokémon Trainer and Charmander


    Oshare Walkies

    Gijinka Emolga

    Halloween Hanae

    Spoopy Mario World

    I'll be removing images from this section or turning them into URLs if I hit the image size cap on this post. If you want to see more of my older stuff, check my deviantart.






    Angry Lysandre

    Masters of Math



    Clock Pie
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    Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    7 more days Till New Leaf in the North, 14th for EU!

    Given the occasion~ How about Isabelle?

  3. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Oo that's not a bad idea, she is adorable xD

    Next time I draw I'll give it a shot.

  4. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Holy crap, draw some Legend of Zelda windwaker stuff. I'd love to see that.

  5. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Might have to try this after Isabelle! Thanks for the suggestion :3

    And I did some preliminary line art for Isabelle:


    Need to add the question mark and tidy it a bit before colouring.
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  6. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Finished the picture! The coloured version is in the OP.

  7. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Attempted link. I don't think the eyes came out right but overall I am happy.

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    Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    That's so cute! Thanks for that.

    I can practically hear the emote sound when I look at it.

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    Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Nice to see some Animal Crossing fans on here. I'll be getting NL on NA launch so it would be nice to get some Southperry buddies~ Ready to get comfy in 5 days.

    Loving the Blathers, btw.

  10. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Thanks guys! I am getting the game on midnight EU release thanks to a promo. If you wanna play sometimes after its out feel free to PM me friend code, I'll respond with mine.

    On the topic of drawing though, I'm thinking of doing another character tomorrow. Any suggestions or should I just go with what springs to mind?

  11. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Made a deviantID using my new tablet that arrived yesterday.

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  12. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Love the eyes and what you did to the sides of her hair, including the bells. ^o^

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    Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    So cuteee.

    Tom or Punchy the cats pls. Pleaseeeee.

    Or them together *-* he's so cranky though.

  14. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Thanks! I got a little carried away with the accessorys. xD

    Thanks! I'll definitely consider that, I like the cat villagers a lot :3

  15. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    I went and did Punchy to see how it would turn out:


    I'll probably try Tom in a few days.
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    Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Shut up and take my pineapples!

  17. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Those drawings are quite good!
    Even though I have no idea what's Animal crossing about ;-;

  18. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Thanks xD Animal Crossing is a bit hard to explain. I guess one way of putting it is a life simulator without the bad side.

    I tried out Easy Paint Tool SAI instead of Flash today. Not my best work by any means since it was hard getting used to it, but thought I would share anyway as practice is practice:

  19. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Omg it's Preseaaaa <3
    Very nice, very nice. Do a version when she has emotions? I hate sad Presea :c

  20. Default Re: Hanae's Drawings

    Thanks! Naw, I won't do another of her for now. Just picked a random Tales of character that I liked.

    If I did another character from the franchise most likely it would be Jade Curtiss because he is awesome <3



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