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Thread: Sub-main?

  1. Helium Atom Straight Male
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    Default Sub-main?

    So, for a while I've done this thing that is done quite a bit in MMOs called sub-maining. Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like; a secondary (yet lesser) main. It is done to prevent your main class from becoming boring, or to fulfill secondary roles, such as helping newbies train or being used at bosses/training for buff support.

    However, my (soon-to-be) new main, Demon Avenger, is pretty much impossible to share equips with. Herein lies the problem: I am hyper-funding my Demon Avenger, while none of his equips are really usable by any other class. This means that my new submain will have to be funded completely independently of my main.

    My question for you guys is... what should I even submain?

    I need a class that needs little funding to be good, preferably can leech other people effectively on moderate funding, and is not a Jett/Archer/Mihile.

    My current list of possible candidates:

    - Evan
    - Kaiser
    - Buccaneer
    - Hayato


    Anyway, any suggestions? Also, I may consider not submaining anything, if a compelling argument against it is given.

    EDIT: Thought I might give a list of old main/submain pairs I've had.

    Night Lord/Buccaneer
    Shadower/Fire Poison Mage
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  2. Default Re: Sub-main?

    I dont have a main class, i guess I sub-mained at of classes? What class have you play and enjoyed, or want to try? We probably wont get Da for a month or more, so you may want to try out some character before you decided which one. I have both a Evan (lv200) and a Kaiser (14x). I enojoyed them both, but just liked Evan better (to be fair, it was the only pure dragon class at the time). I liked how it had so many skills of so many elements. Kaisers are probably better DPS wise though. And evan does need nx books

    Buccaneer- lv15x, quite fun, and one of the somewhat unique playstyles (more so before the lazers). pomegranatety mobility though.
    Shadower - 10x, Havent really played it too much, im sure others can share their experiences. Very mobile and great survivability.
    Paladin - Really liked pallys defensively, can tank almost anything and has HP recover. CO and threaten to aide the party (i love CO+ guardian). Highest master with acb, although its a pain for some people to get.
    Cannoneer - attacked too slo for migh liking at first (ofc i probably had a bais thanks to my mercedes). Hypers really helped them.
    Phantom - Nice idea, but the nerf hit them hard and they a little too frail if they get hit for my liking.

  3. Default Re: Sub-main?

    I have some chars that I tried though. Some for link skills.
    PS: I main a captain, but not gonna go into details. If you want, i can summarize captains for you.
    DB - Insanely high avoid rate. 4th job can be quite boring without PB and FC.
    Merc- really low damage, but her mobility is quite good. Exp boost also helps, heh.
    DA- From levels 1 to 120, I have NEVER used a single HP pot on this char. Recommened if you're gonna get some damage due to link skill.
    Edit: he can get boring at 4th job though.
    BaM- he has this sustain and auras that benefit both him and the team greatly. Kinda boring spamming blow-type skills though.
    Phantom- ah, the HS-er. I rarely use him now due to that nerf that hit him. Hard.

    Classes that are level 30 and below (yet to try) - Cannoneer, WH, DS, magician (bishop-to-be).
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  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Sub-main?

    Well, my "sub-mains", inasmuch as I've had them, have always been support chars. I figure that if I need to leech someone I can do it on my main.

    My first was a Bishop. This was back in the days of spammable Genesis, so it could buff, leech, or act as ks-defense. Nowadays it still helps me train newbies, using HS, Advanced Bless, and MW20.

    Second was a Paladin. This was mostly a bossing aide: Threaten, Crash, Combat Orders, and seduce mule when necessary. CO and Threaten are also useful for training support at party-play areas.

    Newest one is Kanna. For the obvious Kishin and also free MW30.

    I had thought of using a Phantom, for flexibility between support and attack, but gave that up when I saw how few stolen skills they can actually keep.

    Your choices, Evan and Kaiser, certainly don't look like support roles. More like "you sit tight, I'll do that for you" roles. But, like I said, if it comes to that I just use my main, no point equipping another char.

  5. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: VXArtillery
    Server: Yellonde
    Level: 181
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    Default Re: Sub-main?

    Omg time to respond to long posts.


    -Buccaneer: I do actually have a Susano-o's Armor I was going to sell. It could be used for this. Adding to OP.

    -Shadower: I'd prefer not submaining something that is expensive all all get out and that I've mained 5 times before.

    -Paladin: Eh... until the revamp, I'm not biting.

    -Cannoneer: Was my latest main. He's 181 and does garbage for damage.

    -Phantom: I'm not a huge fan of Phantom. It was fun before they got nerfed to all hell, but now they kinda bore me.

    I might just do that. I have an unfunded Kaiser and that made it on the list.

    -Dual Blade: I can't make one anymore, since I deleted mine. I kinda hated it.

    -Mercedes: I can't even get mine to fourth job without wanting to take the bowguns and shoot myself. I HATE ARCHERS AND THAT DAMAGE MAKES ME SUICIDAL.

    -Demon Avenger: I AM MAINING THIS. CHECK THE OP.

    -Battle Mage: Considered it, until they undid the revamp.

    -Phantom: See response #1.

    -Bishop: I'm not a mage guy for the most part. I tried being a Bishop, then I decided it wasn't for me.

    -Paladin: See response #1.

    -Kanna: I never want to touch this class EVER AGAIN.

    My reasoning for having a submain that can leech people is simply that I would rather keep my main at bossing areas. He's going to be 200 ASAP, so leeching people on him will do nothing for me. Also, Demon Avenger isn't exactly great at leeching people, from what I've played.

  6. Default Re: Sub-main?

    As a buccaneer I can say they are a reliable class. High HP, Good damage resist and status resist, and decent damage make for a good all around package. Mobility is lacking, and this will hurt you in link 3, but the sheer range of the laser sort of makes up for it. Right now I am sub-maining a Hayato, and I am loving it.

  7. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: VXArtillery
    Server: Yellonde
    Level: 181
    Job: Cannon Master
    Guild: Purify
    Alliance: Purify
    Farm: Yellondia

    Default Re: Sub-main?

    I have considered Buccaneer, and since I still have a lot of %STR equips from my Cannoneer, I am considering it heavily. However, my main issue is that I would like to sell some of said equips in order to fund my Demon Avenger, such as my Susano-o's Armor and 27atk 15% STR 3 Lined Unique Von Leon gloves. :/

    Others I would like to cube for %HP, such as my Blackfist Cape and my Specs.

  8. AFK at Ch 18 Leafre Straight Male
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    Default Re: Sub-main?

    I'd go with Paladins but they're not exactly the best with leeching others.

  9. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: VXArtillery
    Server: Yellonde
    Level: 181
    Job: Cannon Master
    Guild: Purify
    Alliance: Purify
    Farm: Yellondia

    Default Re: Sub-main?

    My issue with Paladins is that they are currently... garbage. Low DPS, okay support-wise I guess, low mobility, and honestly, in most situations, there are other classes I'd prefer in my party.

    I just don't see myself playing a Paladin (at least until the revamp) for the same reason I don't see myself playing Jett: because they currently kinda suck hardcore.



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