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  1. Default S>/T> Assorted goodies for RA equips

    stuff for trade

    Hi! I'm new to Southperry, but I'm looking to trade the above three items for clean RA pieces.
    Preferably Thief, although Pirate is okay too.

    Hat/Bottom. Doesn't have to be matching.

    Can add NX if necessary.

    If you have any RA pieces that you would be willing to trade for an item, that'd be great. Items may or may not be added to this list as my struggle continues

    You can contact my shop (bIoshetup), which will be up for whenever until this is done, or leave a VM on my profile. Feel free to ask questions or offer!

    Thanks for looking ^^, and if you can help out it any way, that'd be awesome~
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  2. Default Re: S>/T> Assorted goodies for RA equips

    Added Fafnir Gun, and assorted scrolled pirate empress.

    Only looking for Thief/Pirate gear now, warrior set was bought.

    Eagle Eye shirt get!
    Looking to finish the thief set now. t> fafnir claw and gun for each hat/bottom (thief)



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