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    I have a better walkthrough.
    1. Claim your first Daily Bonus.
    2. Finish tutorial quests.
    3. Buy a lot of buildings and turn your farm into a Waru factory.
    4. Expand farm whenever you have enough Waru with about 10,000 spare Waru (since you'll want to fill the space right away).
    5. Start fusing your grade C monsters with other grade C monsters. Nurture the monster you get three times and then release it.
    6. Repeat step 5 until your mouse breaks to reach Lv. 40 (or Lv. 21 if you don't care about reaching level cap). As you level up, replace your buildings with better ones.
    7. Now you should get around 50k ~ 100k Waru per day. Since you don't need EXP anymore, start fusing higher grade monsters to get the potentials you desire.
    8. Every day, nurture your high grade monsters so they level up. Higher monster level = more likely to get SS and S monsters.
    9. Keep combining your monsters to get even higher grades and to renew monster potential.
    you get bored to death and quit Monster Life.

    Nope, just kidding. I really enjoy Monster Life. I just think that the leveling system is really horrible. At least they should make it so the EXP you get from nurturing is based on the monster grade, rather than a fixed 10. This system makes it so you can simply combine grade C monsters to get really cheap EXP, and getting to Lv. 40 is only a matter of time, mouse breaking and boredom survival, rather than requiring any actual skill. You don't even need Waru, to be honest.

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    My biggest problem with this walkthrough video is that it has a completely different feel from the dialog that they decided to put into Monster Life.
    Personally, I would rather they not keep up with the ridiculous dialog-type that they used in Monster Life; but I would also rather not have this unfitting mix of one thing feeling a certain way, while another feels completely different.
    It reminds me of back when Wild Hunter came out and they had all of those annoyingly named skills ('Jaguar RAWR' 'Jag Jump' 'It's raining Mines' 'Jaguar-oshi') while the rest of the classes in the game have simple names for skills. It made WH feel like a joke to me, which really bugs me, and I feel like the same things applies here.
    I understand that people like funny dialog, but unless they plan on going back to everything in the entire game and having them fit this feel, it just makes things seem out of place.

    Anyways, got a bit off-topic : My main point is that the dialog used during Monster Life REALLY doesn't fit the way they made this sun-shiny walkthrough video. Other than that it was nice, besides being really late....
    Things like this should come out either at the same time as the patch, or even a few days before, not weeks afterwards.

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    Yep, not buying any incubators. Normal are only for looks, and special can give you B rank? lolnope.

    Also, 9930 gems

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    I would have appreciated it much more if they made a little guide of every monster that can be obtained in each category.

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    I thought that was what it might be for but my book is completely blank no matter what I put in. I have 10 monsters on my farm and it's still blank.

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    I was a bit confused about this at first, too.
    At the top left of the Monster Dictionary, there is a 'Search List' and you can see the two lists for the search criteria. Anyways, next to that there's a Search Button. You've got to press that button for the list to update itself.

    I assumed at first that it would make sense for it to automatically update when you select options on one of those two lists, but you need to manually press the search button for it to update.



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