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Thread: Turkey Protests

  1. Default Turkey Protests

    Dunno if anyone cares, but here are the current events in my country
    Large groups of Anti-Government Protesters are flooding the streets.
    Hospitals are flooded with wounded citizens.
    Hotels nearby have opened there doors for hospitals who need rooms for their patients.

    A citizen is streaming it all live.(Damn 321k+ viewers ._.):
    Just got taken down.


    Could this be the beginning of the Turkish Spring?

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    Default Re: Turkey Protests

    When I read the title, I imagined armed vegetarians protesting people eating poultry. Sad to say I am disappointed.

    Why exactly are people rioting?

    Ah I see, down with authoritarianism.

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    If it was only closer to thanksgiving this would be a much more fun article to read

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    Default Re: Turkey Protests

    And I thought the Arab Spring was the end of protests. This just keeps going on and on; I wonder who'll be next. :/

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    Central or South Ameri.... that won't happen any time soon :(
    I hope it works for the Turkish though.

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    Default Re: Turkey Protests

    I don't know if I got it right, but this is different from the other muslim countries. From what I read the protesters think the current government is too conservative/pro-Islam. Though they should be careful because it could still end up going for the worse. If they cause too much chaos, the islamists will take their chance and take control.

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    Turkey Right now:
    /* */
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    so all these issues were brought up over a shopping mall ?? Wow i wish singaporeans would be more pro-active.
    also heard from someone on twitter that social media was temporarily blocked ?

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    /* */
    It says:

    It's not JUST about the Park
    It's not JUST about the Tear Gas
    It's not JUST about Police Brutality
    It's not JUST about the Labor
    It's not JUST about the Illegalisation of Alcohol
    It's not JUST about the Third Bridge
    It's not JUST about Reyhanli
    It's not JUST about Roboski
    It's not JUST about the Imprisoned Journalists


    ´Dictators are only empowered as long as we obey them.
    Do not fear or obey them, because this will only result in them keeping their position.´

    Gezi Park is a symbol.
    Show your support even if you're scared!

    And yes, the Turkish news channels are not allowed to report anything about current incidents.

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    Default Re: Turkey Protests

    @DavyJonesx I forgot to say, I thought you were Dutch because of the flag. My cousins are half-Turkish(Kurdish to be exact) with relatives in Turkey so I'm kinda interested in this.

    Anyway, putting aside the main reason, dictatorship, it's something about the current government trying to "Islamize" Turkey right? Or have I got it all wrong?

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    I was born in Turkey.
    I moved to Holland when I was very young.
    Like 99% of the Turkish is people is Muslim, so yea...
    Turkish people are VERY nationalistic.
    But Erdogan is more of an Islamist than an Nationalist.

    'He is ruining Turkey's image as a secular republic. He is trying to make Turkey an islamic republic like Iran so he can get in power and rule how he wants.
    He has been arresting journalists who write bad things about him and has been arresting the head generals of Turkey to make sure that nobody gets in the way of spreading Islamic fundamentalism.
    He is trying to get rid of all the head honchos who control Turkey's secular goverment so that he can easily turn it into an islamic republic.
    He recently banned a rally about celebration remembering the founder of Turkey who modernized everything and made Turkey a stable country.'

    That founder was Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. For Turkish people he is like a pineappleing GOD. The IDOL of any human who calls him/her-self a Turk.
    But what does Erdogan do?
    He BANS all images of Atatürk in all public area's.

    He's a Tyrant.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Turkey Protests

    Thanks for all the translations and the great insight into this. I really do not know much about these protests so I have really enjoyed reading this thread.

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    No problem!
    Glad to see some people showed some interest

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    That's awfully harsh, I can see why the Turks are protesting thanks to the translation you've protested. And no news coverage even? It's awful and I hope Erdogan gets overthrown for disrespecting the founder's wishes and twisting religion to make a nation he wants instead of listening to the people.

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    Default Re: Turkey Protests

    Well, to be fair, Erdogan was elected democratically.

    Also, Ataturk was the founder of modern Turkey. The area has had a long and illustrious history, from ancient Byzantium to the Muslim Ottoman Empire that lasted over 600 years and ruled much of the Middle East, North Africa, and South-Eastern Europe, until it picked the wrong side in WWI.

    Unfortunately, "modern, secular, and European" is not what all Turks want to be. Being European (EU and all) means having to cooperate with former enemies, especially the hated Greeks (that enmity is literally millenia old, dating all the way back to Alexander the Great). Not to mention that the previous government got really friendly with Israel, which is hated by Muslims everywhere. The Turks are not Arab but they still feel a greater kinship with Palestinians than with Israelis and Americans.
    Many in Turkey felt that the Ataturk reforms were selling their culture (for example, he changed Turkish writing to use the Latin alphabet) and religion for the political and economic perks of being "First World". They want to go back to the Old Ways. They voted Erdogan in.

    Now, I don't know enough about the internal politics in Turkey. I don't know how open he was, before the elections, about how far he would go. I don't know what kind of majority or plurality he got. I certainly think his policies will hurt Turkey and its citizens, and cause trouble in the area. But we do need to remember that there are many people in Turkey who do support him.

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    This is mostly what I mean, while there's always a split between opinions and both sides have reasons for either wanting things to stay or to change what Erdogan is doing now is still not something people could support in the long run and this might spill over even to the side that would prefer to go back to the old ways. Ultimately, what he's doing now reflects very poorly on himself, the citizens and the country and that may be more damaging than keeping the country as is considering what extreme measures Erdogan has already taken.

    With that being said, given the countries Turkey would have to deal with in the current state it does make sense that a lot of Turks would be against it, much as I think such disputes are pointless in the long run.

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    The Istanbull Stock Exchange lost 10,5% of its value today. It might recover a bit tomorrow, but it is still a pretty big hit.
    I'm still not sure what these protests will lead to, but this gives me the impression the protests will have an impact.

    EDIT: Stock Exchange closed with a gain of 4,9% today, putting it at about 94% of the value it had last friday.
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    The arrogance of this prime minister is a factor that continues to fuel the protests.

    Protesters: "Resign!!!!!!!!"

    Erdogan: "No. And if you bring 100,000, I'll bring a million."

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    Default Re: Turkey Protests

    interestingly, this made it to the radio (all the way to panama, go figure it out) it reported basically all in this thread, except that erdogan was saying that he was willing to hear the protesters.



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