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Thread: [Yellonde] S> % STR gear or T> for %HP

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    Default S> % STR gear or T> for %HP

    So I got stuff to sell. I'm on my phone tonight, so pics will have to wait, but I can give you a rundown on what I gawt.

    12% STR 3l Epic Half Earrings

    4% STR 3l Epic Spectrum Goggles +2% STR Neb

    3% STR lv100 Powder Keg (No pic, sorry)

    6% STR 3l Rare Green Wolf Pendant +1% STR Neb

    Clean 3l Rare Susano-O's Armor (Can karm if sale is worthwhile)

    6% HP Tempest Ring (No pic again, sorry)

    9% STR 3l Epic Lv100 Belt


    But I need % HP. I am currently looking for the following items:

    Tier 3 Epic+ Warrior Top (%HP preferred)
    Tier 3 Epic+ Warrior/Common Gloves (%HP preferred)
    4%HP Specs
    Clean, Unpotted Rising Sun Face Painting OR %HP Tree Branch Nose
    9% HP Tempest Belt OR 6%HP Witch Belt with 5+ATK

    And most importantly, Mesos

    Any questions, just ask. Most stuff is on my Kaiser or Demon Slayer, so I have it accessable ASAP.
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