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    Default Terribad Youtube buffering

    So I switched to FiOS Quantum today and everything is running splendidly fast!

    All except Youtube. For whatever reason, I can't load any vid very well past 240p. And yes, I've checked for throttling and tried this trick out.

    Anyone got any other ideas for me to try out? :c

  2. Default Re: Terribad Youtube buffering

    If this is happening on more than just one computer/device contact Verizon. More than likely they'll have you reboot your modem. I have their 75/35 plan and this does not happen to me.

  3. Default Re: Terribad Youtube buffering

    You're not the only one, I wanted to watch 40mins video last night it took me 40mins to buffer the whole thing.
    Post #14 or #17 might be helpful to either understand why it's happening or maybe another way to fix it.

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    It's Youtube.

    They've been having issues with this for the past month or so I'd say. It comes and goes for different people.

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    I've been having buffering issues since February or March. It got better for about a month at one point but then went back to being bad again, especially during the day.

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    I don't really go to YouTube, however I can say that I tried to view a video today and it just didn't load at all. I gave it ten minutes, it didn't even start. I reloaded it, nothing. Everywhere else on the Internet is fine for me. It's definitely YouTube.

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    Default Re: Terribad Youtube buffering

    Try checking if you have the stupid quality in auto, that pomegranate makes me rage everytime i load a new YT video.

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    I've been so angry at Youtube lately.
    I also got YousableTubeFix for Greasemonkey add-on, which makes it so the video buffers ahead instead of just buffering, waiting for the video to catch up and buffer again. Basically like it used to be.
    And even THAT isn't working from time to time.
    You'd think Youtube would have a better video player than that...

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    Right click the video > Settings and find that little slider for local storage and set it to max. Worked for me.



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