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    Default Setting Maple Life Avatar picture

    Used a picture bigger than 100x100 - it got cropped to a tiny square (much smaller than the avatar window).
    Used a picture 100x100 - it gets heavily pixelated.
    Used a picture smaller than 100x100 - gets just as pixelated.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Setting Maple Life Avatar picture

    Not you, nexon.

    I just tried different sizes, pictures of 600x600 seem to get only a bit of pixellation, at leasT for me

  3. Default Re: Setting Maple Life Avatar picture

    I resized my picture to 1000x1000 and it wound up ok after Nexon had its way with it. (originally 100x100)

    It crops it a little, but it did end up at the right resolution. And they use awful jpg compression.
    1000x1000 version

  4. Default Re: Setting Maple Life Avatar picture

    I used my current SP avatar and it looked fine, some artifacts but nor pixilated.

  5. Default Re: Setting Maple Life Avatar picture

    When you upload an image as an avatar for Monster Life, it automatically scales it regardless if it was 100x100 or not.

    From what I take on how the process works on uploading, it scales it down to 25% of the original image you uploaded, creates a temp.jpg file in your MapleStory folder, and uses that for the avatar.
    So the best way to make it fit is to probably edit or upload an image that's 399x399 or 400x400 (if that makes a difference). I'm not sure how to position it to exactly fit it in the window though.


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