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    Default About Monster Life

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but didn't figure it out.

    Can you go to a specific farm or do you have to have them as friends to do so? I've only found out how to go to random, my friends' farms and the 3 top farms it displays when starting Monster Life.

    Thanks for help~

  2. Default Re: About Monster Life

    Just add them as a friend. You can always unfriend them after.

  3. Default Re: About Monster Life

    You have to add them as a friend first. I dont know what the list caps at, but I have 30+ farm names.

  4. Default Re: About Monster Life

    50, caps at 50. I just delete farms I remember or dont visit often.

  5. Default Re: About Monster Life

    >_> between my brother and myself, we have 21 of the 22 different farm types.

    ssj + "type" + s

    lvl 14+ is SOOOO slow...



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