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    I searched around for a while trying to find someone else that's done this. I didn't find any tables.
    This work was done entirely by me and took quite a while.
    Hopefully you found this guide before spending too much waru trying to combine monsters. It is much easier to combine monsters AFTER gaining a steady income.

    (another Monster Life reference: @iAmFear 's Monster Life thread.

    I couldn't get the final house, The Secret Garden, to factor properly. It's nowhere near the best house of all, but the data just will not come out right.
    If you have enough for The Secret Garden, you dont need this anyway xD

    Basic House Table (waru)

    Basic House Table (gems)

    Sorted by Aesthetic

    Profit Farming Summary and Tips
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    There is also Stereo's spreadsheet

    I haven't done any contrast-and-compare, just putting it here so people so inclined can dig into the numbers however they like.

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    @Stereo; should include the Tip-Top Ballon shop. It's a special shop item (At least it's on the gems part, like all those), produces 35 warus, stores 3000, has 400 aesthetic points... AND IT'S ONLY ON A 2x2 SIZE. That throws it off the charts with a 750 max waru per tile, filled in about hour and a half (oops... wrong math... It's actually around 14 hours... I guess it'll depend on how much you check (SCRATCH THAT TOO. Apparently it's one of the most efficient at producing too, if not the best, because it's x2 as efficient or more than a 3x3 building.)), the next house being at 555... Even if it's the most expensive, it has to be the best choice for efficiency.

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    Saw it in my special shop today. Couldn't buy it, of course.

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    I looked at Stereo's spreadsheet, and the values & "green, yellow, red, black" comparison is similar to my original data; of which i had to edit. I had to redo my charts and add additional qualifiers because the data I had, while being correct, was also inaccurate. For instance, Mushking Outpost compared to Nova Safehouse. In my own initial data, and likewise in Stereo's spreadsheet, it shows MKO is superior to NSH, except that one) MKO is 9 squares, two) it has a smaller waru rate, and three) it costs more; than NSH does.

    Or Pink Angel Place compared to Gingerbread Gables. If you go and look at my own farm, its half full of PAP, unfortunately. Gingerbread Gables is a better house. I didn't notice the mistake until my final data check through. My final summary is a mix of comparing overall data values as well as side by side comparing similar-level houses.

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    Yeah, I should maybe rearrange the columns; the last two (waru generated per tile and waru stored per tile) are much more likely to be important than amount per building. I just didn't notice that they weren't all 2x2 until I was level 15 and thinking of buying the Mushking Outpost. I do most of my sorting by the last one (waru stored per tile) since I want the most generated per day and I can't check it every couple hours.

    When the special shop shows up I've been adding the buildings I see with waru prices; I left the gem costs out because I'm not planning to buy any so I have a strictly limited supply.

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    use an elimination process with weighted criteria.

    time to max > max storage > waru rate per square
    this works best for anyone who can't check storage every three hours. which gets me thinking, im gonna change my tables around again.
    hopefully by the end of the day, i'll add the following tables:

    fastest waru rate per hour(s) per cost (better for those who can harvest any time they want)
    most waru stored per hour(s) per cost (better for those who cannot harvest for long periods; i.e. school, work, sleep)

    i think i'll remove the aesthetic tables, since its only a purchase comparison/criteria.

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    I totally agree with this. The 3x3 and 4x4 houses (regardless of gem-bought or not) are not that efficient when it comes to waru generation, in comparison to just amassing the highest tier 2x2 houses. If we compare 4 Tip-Top Balloon Shops to a Shinsoo's Nest, this is what we get for 16 Squares:

    4X Tip-Top Balloon: 140 Waru per 10 min., 12,000 Waru Storage, and 1,600 Aesthetic Points
    Shinsoo Nest: 87 Waru per 10 min., 7,000 Waru Storage, and 2,000 Aesthetic Points

    Shinsoo's only wins in the Aesthetic Points department, but for 16 squares of land, it's not as waru-efficient. Honestly, Tip-Top Balloon looks like the BEST-IN-GAME property to me at the moment. The best thing to do is save up 250k warus, for every time Tip-Top Balloon shows up in special shop. I really see no point (in the long run) to buy the other 2x2 properties after level 20.

    When looking at decor, the Cannon looks like the BEST-IN-GAME decor item to me as well, when bought en-masse. It's a 1x1 item that dwarfs everything else when bought in multiples.

    4 Cannons vs. 1 Aran's Legacy - 4 Squares
    4 Cannons = 12800 Aesthetic Points
    1 Aran's Legacy = 6000 Aesthetic Points

    9 Cannons vs. 1 Fishin' Pepe - 9 Squares
    9 Cannons = 28800 Aesthetic Points
    1 Fishin' Pepe = 4600 Aesthetic Points

    16 Cannons vs. 1 Elluel Rune Tree - 16 Squares
    16 Cannons = 51200 Aesthetic Points
    1 Elluel Rune Tree = 13000 Aesthetic Points

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    Default Re: Monster Life Housing Guide

    you kinda have to compare the 3x3 houses as if they were 2x3 in some cases, since you'll always have an extra line you can't fill with houses, unless you use 3x3.

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    That reminds me, I found a better strategy for packing 2x2s in once I found out about teh 'monsters + 1' empty square requirement.

    My current layout is 8 3x3s and 63 2x2s, which if I went all-out for max storage would be 700*8 + 360*63 = 28280 (I actually have fewer 2x2s to make room for aesthetic items and the barn.) This leaves 12 unused spaces, enough for my 11 monsters.

    If you put 3x3s down one side only, you can fit in 4 3x3s and 71 2x2s for 700*4 + 360*71 = 28360. This leaves 16 unused spaces -- an advantage of 4 extra spaces to use on aesthetic items (cannons) bumping up the effectiveness of every other building for free. You also have 75 instead of 71 buildings, so those aesthetic bonuses are worth that little bit more. With this strategy, you're only treating 12 spaces as 'unusable without 3x3s'.

    I marked the layout in on my spreadsheet; it's on a third tab marked Best 19x19 layout. I was too lazy to mark all the 2x2s so hopefully it's clear how I mean it.

    FWIW with 70+ buildings, removing a 2x2 to place 4 cannons is always a good idea in terms of max waru storage until you hit the aesthetic cap (99999, or 31 cannons). Premium buildings have higher aesthetic bonuses and can reduce that number, and aren't worth replacing anyway cause of their huge storage capacity.

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    i was thinking if replacing your 2x2 buildings with low storage for big storage 3x3 buildings would be a good idea while sleeping, but from comparing the 3x3 buildings with the 2x2 that comes the next level, it seems it's a terrible idea

    holy crap those cannons. i hadn't seen how much beauty they added, of course, NX-only, has anyone seen any Decor item in the special shop?

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    My brother hypothesized that any farm with an odd dimension (17X17, 19X19, etc.) could maximize farm space and minimize use of 3X3 by staggering 3X3 buildings in the area where both horizontal and vertical oddness lie i.e. the longer strips of farm where the House does not occupy. By doing so, he was able to "perfect" a 19X19 farm such that there are 0 unused squares, not even for aesthetics.

    His layout is specific for farms with 12 (or fewer) monsters as it leaves exactly 13 for the required open spaces, filling the rest with 3 3X3 buildings and 74 2X2 buildings. He is currently working on arranging the 3X3 in such a way to completely replace them with two 2X2, but I don't really think it is possible. If that isn't possible, he wants to at least arrange the 3X3 so during his playtime, he can temporarily replace them with two 2X2 for extra Waru and replace them with 3X3 while away/asleep.

    I warn you, it isn't pretty, quite ugly to be honest, especially down the 3X3 diagonal, but I think it might be the most efficient you can get under those er specific circumstances. Farm Name: Snowfield.

    Note: Cannons replacing buildings would likely make it better, but he has no intentions of spending NX, not unless there is a sale and only after farm expansions.

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    Let me point out a few thing:

    If you buy the TTB from the special shop for 250k, you will spend over a month paying it off, which is in no way efficient use of warus. Yes, 4 TTB are better than one sinshoo's nest, hower they cost 4 times more. Sinshoo costs 23 gems for 4x4, or 1.4375 gems per tile. 4 TTB taking the same space cost 48 gems, or 3 gems per tile, over twice as expensive. So, yes, if you have money to burn get the TTB shop, but is much cheaper to fill your farm with nests. Besides, Sinshoo's Nest looks much better And the extra aesthetic does help.

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    Ah, I see what you mean... I've added two such layouts to the spreadsheet, which distribute the unused squares differently (I like the top one more cause it puts the empty squares all in one place). Unfortunately for your brother I don't see any way to put two of the 3x3s touching each other.
    EDIT: And another variation to help people who want more than 11 squares, but not exactly 4 more.

    I haven't seen Shinsoo's nest in the Special shop... the best I've seen in terms of waru cost per maxW storage is the Yellow Submarine, which costs 450k for 7000 storage - the TTB is 300k for 3000 storage (though, obviously, you get another 1080 storage in the 3 slots around it if you have Ariant shops, 1350 if you're up to Santas)
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