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  1. Question Nove Belts and the Shadow Shop

    I've noticed that the Shadow Shop in the Heliseum HQ, which sells the Elite Heliseum, Nova, and Tyrant Capes/Shoes/Belts does not have Nova Belts.
    At first I wondered if maybe they just didn't exist, but earlier I saw someone in the FM selling one.

    Is this intentional, are you only meant to find Nova Belts from monsters around Heliseum or are they all missing from the Shadow Shop for some reason?

  2. Default Re: Nove Belts and the Shadow Shop

    They're also absent from the shop in kMS, and I haven't checked personally, but I think they're also not in jMS. It might be intentional, but I can't figure out why you shouldn't be able to buy them. Nova Belts only drop from Magnus, I believe, not from any of the other monsters.

  3. Default Re: Nove Belts and the Shadow Shop

    Nova Belts drop from only Hard Magnus if I remember correctly. None of the mini bosses or regular mobs drop belts.

  4. Default Re: Nove Belts and the Shadow Shop

    Oh okay, Thank you for the information =]

    Weird though lol



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