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  1. Default Dojo week reset?

    Let's say I get Hero's glove on char X.

    If I want another pair of Hero's glove, do I need to wait a certain amount of days before I can get a new one?
    Or do I wait for the "week reset" at Monday 12:01 AM?
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  2. Default Re: Dojo week reset?

    If you got the gloves on Monday, you may get the same rank gloves again on Sunday.

  3. Default Re: Dojo week reset?

    I tried to but it didn't give me a glove yesterday. Had a glove from last Monday from the 17:55 count.

    I received the midnight glove this morning though. Today's Monday.

    edit: here's a pic

    I got glove on Monday at 17:55 count, and then did dojo on Sunday before 11:55 count. Didn't get the new pair till after Monday 0:00.
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