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  1. Lightbulb R> Korean Squad (Korean only) 한국인만 보세요!

    Recruiting Korean players who are above lv 180+ and well funded
    I am trying to make a team, not a guild.
    Age does not really matter in this team.

    1) Level 180+
    2) Well funded
    3) Have to be Korean
    4) someone plays Maplestory a lot
    5) Have manner

    We will talk about more in detail if you wants to be in part of my plan.
    I can explain about "plan" and more about this team if you are interested in joining this team.
    I am looking for only 5~6 members.
    If anyone is interested let me know.

    Skype: Goldaxeknife (write little note when you add me EX: from basil or joining team)

  2. Default Re: R> Korean Squad (Korean only) 한국인만 보세요!

    Pretty sure this is Southperry



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