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  1. Electron Bi Male

    IGN: Swaex
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 183
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: HellBound
    Alliance: Omen

    Cash5 ..start playing GMS?

    Well, since the Maple Economy in EMS is a bit f'ed up I'd like to try out GMS. But should I do it?
    I'm just going to start all over again but I don't wanna leave my EMS buddies behind. Though, I guess I could be able to play it via several things but I don't know which ones.
    Help please

    I would like to know the pros and cons of GMS and I'd also love to know on which server I should play.
    Thanks in Advance~

    Wout ~

  2. Helium Atom Gay Male
    IGN: CoveralAran
    Server: Bera
    Level: 181
    Job: Zero
    Guild: Smite
    Alliance: LevelUP
    Farm: King's Landing

    Default Re: ..start playing GMS?

    I could try and help like... right now. I'm online in EMS at the moment, 'cause I wanted to try the revamped Striker. It wasn't a success though, haha.
    If you want me to help, I could just contact you ingame.

  3. Electron Bi Male

    IGN: Swaex
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 183
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: HellBound
    Alliance: Omen

    Default Re: ..start playing GMS?

    Haha, yea it's full with bugs atm. And thanks! I'll just need to dl and install GMS and then I'm ready to go. What's your in-game name?

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Dominion

    Default Re: ..start playing GMS?


    Point Value: Post deletion
    We do not support or condone the usage of proxies to bypass Nexon's game level IP filtering. Topics created asking for ways to achieve this will be closed and/or removed.

    Admission to using such means itself is not a crime, but explaining how, or asking how, are both illegal topics and should be avoided.

    *Note by extention this rule also covers asking for things like a KSSN or other bypasses to play a locale you are explicitly forbidden from playing.

  5. Default Re: ..start playing GMS?

    Keep in mind this is 100% my opinion.

    Pros about playing gms from europe:

    - Maps will most likely be empty during weekdays so you wont be having troubles getting an alien map 6 channel
    - Kanna & hayato (I liked them both and personally I think they're one of the best designed classes, in terms of fun obviously)
    - Hot day rather than hot time, so you dont have to worry about missing out
    - LHC & SH party play (Even tho I dont agree on keeping either one of these, I miss being able to grind with friends without it hurting my own exp)
    - Patches usually dont bring that many bugs and they have a patching path they follow (bugs will always be there, but I mean things like ems getting revamped strikers would probably be fixed a lot quicker in gms)
    - Better service and quicker response when a critical error appears
    - When you go to bed, other people will wake up, meaning leaving a store open at night will probably get you more in GMS than doing the same in EMS.

    - A lot of young americans are pimentos(mainly because they can speak english)
    - Finding LHC/SH parties at 2-8pm times CET +1 during weekdays, you will probably find yourself playing a lot alone in the beginning if you dont know any european that plays with you.
    - Some content are time restricted and that hurts europeans the most. They usually are around 1-8pm server time, which for me is 22:00-5/6 real time.
    - Exclusive content that eliminates the use of some maps, like aliens & jesters. Leveling in ems is already easy, its 10x times easier in gms.
    - Loot lagg and small delays (it doesnt matter if you have godlike internet you will still have this). This also forces you to buy a pet if you really want to take advantage of loot events, otherwise you will probably get a headache from it.
    - No miracle scrolls (not sure if I should call this a cons or a pro but if you got used to it like me, I'd consider it being a semi cons). There are probably some, but they are really hard to find.
    - More hackers & dupers (this is only because the population is larger, kinda expected of any game with larger population)
    - No rare mobs, meaning books will cost you a lot of mesos, however this could be a decent meso income for you in the future. Personally I think they should scratch the idea or sell books that work 100% from npc's.

    I probably forgot a lot but thats what I could think of right now.

    I'd recommend you to stay in europe, time zones is a peach & they will always be there to ruin for you. Most of the GMS players here on southperry that live in europe played GMS before the IP block and they just decided to stay, since starting over in a game thats way behind in patches isnt very appealing. Remember every game have their mistakes, you just notice some easier than others.

  6. Electron Bi Male

    IGN: Swaex
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 183
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: HellBound
    Alliance: Omen

    Default Re: ..start playing GMS?

    Well thanks a lot for your help all, but @Even is right: starting over will be a pain in the potato. And also, I was only planning to 'check it out' anyways :)!

  7. Neon Atom Male
    IGN: EliulShad
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 21X
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: Epic
    Farm: StayTru

    Default Re: ..start playing GMS?

    Oh god it is. This is mainly the reason I never moved back to Windia. Too invested in one server (money, decent funding, link skills). I don't have the will/time to re-up all over again.

  8. ᗧ ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
    IGN: Helsinki
    Server: MYBCKN
    Level: 220
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Friends
    Alliance: Unbreakable

    Default Re: ..start playing GMS?

    Even's list is pretty accurate, I find the timezone thing to be the worst part of being from Europe. It's a bit easier for the western part of Europe but for me events are usually anywhere between 1am and 8am which has meant that I've missed out on over 90% of the 2x events there has been. Luckily for us they changed Hot Time to Hot Day, Honor EXP can now be gained at any time and there have been some European-friendly 2x events recently.

    Just a reminder, you might know this already, but it's not going to be as simple as downloading and logging in because of the IP ban for European accounts made after a point in the middle of 2007, don't remember the exact date. So you'll either need an old account or a way to "get around" the ip block. Not allowed to give instructions but if one wants to do so it will be relatively easy to figure it out.



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