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    I need to nurture a plant 3 times. I have a spirit, bear, fairy, canine, and the rest of my monsters are birds. I spent over 20,000 Waru today trying to combine monsters to make a plant and even tried buying those boxes in the shop, hoping to get a level C plant. Does anyone know what types combine to make plants? How do make plants? D:

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    Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    The easiest way I've found is to get a C-Rank monster of any type and just combine it with every other C-rank plant you see until you get a plant. Might take a while, but it's definitely the easiest and cheapest way since combining 2 C-ranks costs only 60 waru

    There doesn't seem to be any specific combinations (except for Special monsters). If you are fusing 2 different types of monsters, it's more likely to the be the type you are using to fuse. (for example, fuse a ghost with a golem, you are more likely to get a ghost. slightly less likely to get a golem, and even less likely to get a random type)

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    Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    Well... From experience, i combined my low ranks types (no matter type) with high rank types in my case (cats) and now i got cats. Maybe the same thing happen with others types. Try combining any rank C type with a plant rank B or more. (sorry for bad typing)

    Edit: Im not sure, this is from experience, maybe its like razmos said.

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    Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    I need a bird to nurture.
    I've tried combining my C and B bovines and soldiers with birds of every rank from A to C. Keep getting non-birds.
    Sick and tired of wasting waru and releasing monsters that give me strength.

  5. Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    Im only getting A and A+ birds from combinations

  6. Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    That is honestly where all my Waru has gone. I've released so many monsters that I can't keep count. I suppose I'll keep trying..

  7. Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    It took me 20 combinations of Soldiers+Plants to get one plant - it's honestly really annoying how hard it is to get other types of monsters. I got 3-4 B ranked Soldiers before seeing a plant.

    Once I had the plant, 5 of 6 combinations of plant+random produced a plant though, so if you need stuff to combine with, my 'PlantOnly' farm has you covered.

  8. Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    I finally got a plant. I combined a C bird with a C plant. It took awhile. Now I need a mushroom. T_T

  9. Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    I wonder what you have to combine to get a Joy Bird or Harpie..

  10. Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    I have gotten multiple of both. they are not special, just keep dumping birds together. I had to release most of my birds cause I just kept getting A ranked birds from combinations.

  11. Default Re: Monster Life Plants.

    I hate that we need to make room in advanced before going to other farms to do fusions.



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