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    I just started playing again after having not played for a couple years so I've run into a couple Qs I couldn't answer by googling.
    Do any monsters drop Hayato katanas?? The Hidden Street database doesn't list katanas at all, and I haven't found a place that lists this info. I got 2 chars to lvl 70+ haven't found any katanas. The only ones I've gotten were given from NPCs/Tots. Is there not a level 70 katana? I got smithing skill, there's lvl 60 and 80 katanas to be made but there isn't one at 70...

    Smithing brought me to another Q, can you get item crystals without using an extractor? I went to make an extractor but then it said I needed item crystals wtp

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    It'd be weird if there isn't one at level 70 but since I'm not sure about that one, I'll just tell you the answer for your other question.

    You can get item crystals if your character has the Alchemy profession and extract for free, but there's a level limitation. For example, you need a minimum of level 6 in Alchemy to extract equips up to level 130.

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    Yeah, I've definitely seen monsters drop Katanas every now and then.
    I haven't played with my old blacksmith character so I don't know anything about the lvl 70 katana missing, but if it does seem to be missing I would post about it in the bug section on the nexon forums any maybe they'll get around to adding it back in.

    Also, like the person above me said, Alchemists can extract on their own, the extractors that people can make are a way to extend that ability to everyone else.

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    I agree with the above since you must already have checked through the list, and it's possible for such things to happen since Celestial Cane recipes are still missing from MSEA's Ardentmill because Phantom's creation was not patch-enabled and they forgot it.



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