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Thread: EXP Cap?

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    Is there still a cap on the amount of EXP multipliers you can have active at once? If so, what rate do you stop getting EXP at?

    I remember a long time ago I was training my Aran at MP3, possibly during the Legends patch? I stopped getting EXP from mobs after using an event 1.3x coupon and had to cancel it in order to gain EXP. Just wondering if this still exists or not.

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    Default Re: EXP Cap?

    Wow, I remember that existing LONG LONG ago back when fam 2x was a thing.

    IIRC it was anything above 10.6x. I'm pretty sure Nexon rid of this cap though.

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    I know that 2x CS coupon + 2x event + 1.5x buff + HS gives the proper amount.

    I don't have any idea what happens with 3x CS coupon + 2x event + 2x buff + HS

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    3x event, 2x card 1.5 buff, 1.5 hs, 1.1 elven blessing, 1.5 spirit pendant stack (golden potion also stacks with anything since it adds 10% of kill exp)

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    Weird, so the cap would just stop you from gaining exp at all? o.o''
    Why that? Why not just make it so you get the most amount of exp that you're supposed to get? O.o

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    If you exceeded the "Cap", back when there was one, all monsters would just net you 1 EXP. Only way to fix it was to get under the "Cap".

    IIRC, the cap was removed, or increased to a stupid high amount, when Big Bang hit.

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    This guy explains exactly. Although, this was in Jan 2013 so it was during the 3!6!9! event


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    It was probably more likely an anomaly in the game code instead of a purposeful cap. Perhaps some part of the formula goes wonky at that point and defaults to 1 (or some mathematical equation that equates it to 1 when it hits a certain number). I couldn't possibly know the specifics, of course, but I highly doubt it was ever an intentional thing.

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    Except that's not 16x. The problem is the Elven Blessing, 3/6/9 event and Pendant are all separate lines of EXP. They aren't actually multipliers. You can clearly notice this when he's killing Aliens and he's only getting 12,000 EXP, which is only 4x multiplier.

    The old "EXP Cap" was when you achieved a multiplier of 10.6x (or whatever the cap was) from the base EXP value, not in total.

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    No, it was intentional.
    Initially it was unlimited, and you could get easily get 12x (2x "I'm Back" ring, 2x event, 2x card, HS), then someone at Nexon decided it was too private-server and just put a hard cap on it.
    I guess with Big Bang came the attitude that "well, private servers do attract players, we might as well imitate them"...

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    What is the highest exp multiplier while we are on the subject of exp? 3x event, 2x card, 1.5 event buffs, 1.5 Hs. Am I forgetting anything else that stacks? (blessing, Spirit pendant, Zeal ring and Extreme Gold potion all add, not multiply)

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    Just a reminder, with unlimited patch family buff and maybe all other multipliers are no longer multipliers (except real 2x exp events). In ems our cards ended up giving 100%+ bonus exp (working like mercedes link skill) instead of duplicating the total exp by 2x. This means pendant of spirit is only 30% without hs and 45% with and party play exp would not be duplicated, it would only add another 100% on top of the previous 250% bonus for 5 members.

    I do not know if gms will plan to keep this, but thats how it works in KMS & EMS.

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    I shouldn't be surprised that it's intentional but....that's just really retarded. That's like saying if you do the new 25m damage cap you should just do 1 instead. That's ridiculous.



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