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  • Kanna

    6 22.22%
  • Hayato

    12 44.44%
  • Kaiser

    5 18.52%
  • Angelic Buster

    4 14.81%
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  1. Default 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Hello everyone,

    Since v135 (Monster Life) Kaiser, Kanna, Hayato and Angelic Buster creation is enabled again. I was wondering whether you people enjoyed the class you played (if you play(ed) any of these). I'm not too wild about my Phantom anymore and looking for a new class.

    I played a Kaiser on eMS (got it up to level 150~) and enjoyed it very much. I'm not sure whether to train one again with the new classes around. I also made a Kanna, Hayato and Angelic Buster and none of them were higher than level 60 (especially the Angelic Buster was a pain to train).

    I'm wondering a bit what to play now and looking for some feedback on these classes. I mainly want to duo some bosses (regular Zakum is fun enough for me) with a friend and prefer not to grind a lot after reaching a level of around 150.

    Thank you.

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Dominion

    Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Whichever one you make, you'll likely want to make the others for their link skills.
    So create them all, level to 120, and by then you'll know which is the most fun for you.

  3. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: HarbingerLey
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 203
    Job: Demon Slayer
    Guild: [L]ittleBusters
    Farm: Dominion

    Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Not gonna lie, I enjoyed Angelic Buster. Soul Seeker grinding is OP

  4. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Not sure if I have the time to create all four of them! I'll try it if the link skills are really worth it, though.

    I was leaning towards an Angelic Buster, too, but I'm still not sure. I'll probably just go for it.

  5. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Hayato by far.

    Dat mobility, dat speed.

    Dat sword reach, it's incredible.

  6. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    if you get bored with smashing one button, then Hayato is your character. I honestly haven't been as engaged playing a character since my old school buccaneer where we had to control the character's iFrames to train. To be able to not only clear a map, but also literally fly all over the screen without using HP potions is an amazing thing. Granted I haven't played it at higher levels, but I assume it would be much of the same.

    Kanna for a spawn mule + a very good character card and link skill.

    AB isn't really that amazing, but if you play a lot of heavy dex based characters, it would be worth it to bring her to 100 at the least.

  7. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    I didn't like Hayato at all, the way the camera lags made me really dizzy :|
    AB is also pretty irritating to train at low levels, but decent from 70 onward, but as Sapta said, create all of them if you have the character slots and as you level them up for the link skills you'll be able to figure out which is more fun for you.

  8. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Trained a Hayato to level 30 and an Angelic Buster to around 37 so far. Hayato seemed the most fun. I'll go to sleep now and think of it again tomorrow. Thank you for your input.

  9. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    I really liked Angelic Buster, but I still think they need to give the old recharge rates back. It is sometimes infuriating trying to use roar because of the low rate. Also it is a pain to train before 4th job but once you get there it really is a fun class but don't expect to go to the higher bosses so easily with it right now. (Although the 40% status resist is very nice)

    Hayato comes second for me. Pretty fun, because of the large variety in skill chaining! Sadly one of the skills makes me dizzy. If not for that mine would be a higher level. xD (That side slash pull where the camera goes funny)

  10. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Play a kanna! You'll always get into training parties because kishin shoukan is the most amazing skill ever aaaaa

  11. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    I enjoyed AB the most.
    They are boring at lower levels, but it gets more fun when you hit 3rd job.
    Leveling a kanna was easy as pineapple, because everyone wants you in their party.
    Hayato is fun, but my mp ran out so fast and the screen kept pineappleing up.

  12. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    I personally found Kanna to be the most fun and easiest to train. Hayato is a fairly distant second place. He's one of my favorite Warrior classes to train. Despite being overpowered, Kaiser is really boring. Training an AB was one of the worst experiences I've ever had in MapleStory...

  13. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Word for word agreed.
    And really... AB is seriously the worst class ever.



  14. Brick Male
    IGN: ZeroCA
    Server: Windia
    Level: 21x
    Job: Zero
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A
    Farm: ReneMule

    Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!


    Kanna = pree good.

    IMO, both kaiser and AB are tied. Kaiser is stuck with dragon slash as a training AND DPS move until 4th job, when you use gigas and burst. Very bland.

    AB is so clunky, having to use subpar skills to recharge so often until 4th. Soul seeker training was OP when it was 4 orbs. Don't know about now.

  15. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Hayato's only problem is the way Sweeping Sword gimps up the camera. I haven't had that much fun playing a class since Demon Slayer.

    It's only one skill that pineapples up the camera. Surely you can't deter the entire class because you insist on using a broken skill. Hayato playes perfectly fine without it.

    Kanna is piss easy to train. Everyone wants you, very likable class. Wonderful teleport.

    Kaiser gives you a "I can slash through anything with little effort" feel, but it gets boring in a way a Hero would. God bless that Air Lift, though.

    Angelic Buster... -sigh- Had to play on mute with her. Recharge system is horrible. Not intuitive at all. Soul Seeker is the cheapest thing I've ever seen.

  16. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    You should never be using Sweeping Sword as a DPS move for Hayato, ever.
    Asides from that, Hayato and Kanna were the most fun I've had with a class, followed by Kaiser then Angelic Borer.

  17. Brick Male
    IGN: ZeroCA
    Server: Windia
    Level: 21x
    Job: Zero
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A
    Farm: ReneMule

    Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    I never used Sweeping Sword because of the camera issue and I still had loads of fun.

  18. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    I never used it because it made me nauseous, LOL
    Hayato was definitely one of the most enjoyable classes to 100, (link skill/character card lyfe) but the DPS was pretty lacking in 4th job if that's an issue for you.

  19. Brick Male
    IGN: ZeroCA
    Server: Windia
    Level: 21x
    Job: Zero
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A
    Farm: ReneMule

    Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    Lol I main a Hayato. It's better DPS than an aran and loads more fun :P

  20. Default Re: 'New' jobs enabled again!

    I wanted to ask the same question, but then I saw this topic and decided to reply.
    I really like maining my Mercedes, and wanted to start farming link skills, but don't know or guess what link skills could help to improve him.
    I guess the first I will make is a AB, but then Idk.
    Can you help me please? =3?



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