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    Hello everyone,

    After browsing through the extractions, I noticed Red Leaf High (possibly) returning for a few weeks. I've been searching around on this forum to find more information about this. I know the rewards are experience and 'totems'. I think the event took place twice before, but I never played during that time. It seems as a great place to train in exchange for a small amount of NX.

    I do have some questions, however;

    • How long does a run approximately take? I'm a level 15x regular funded Phantom (basic Empress gear, 134 ATT cane, most important skills (nearly) maxed).
    • Does the experience gained differ from a free entrance ticket (one per day?)/key or one bought with NX?
    • What's the actual process of the event (what exactly to do etc.)?

    Thank you for any possible answers.

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I've searched in this section for a bit and found nothing in depth. Is there perhaps a guide I missed out on?

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    One run approximately takes 6-7 minutes, can be much longer if you get stuck with the "stay here for x minutes" rooms.

    The experience doesn't differ from the free tickets/nx tickets, but the major source of exp comes from completing the quests. If you're planning on getting to 200, I would buy enough tickets per day to make sure that you can complete all the quests given per day. I should mention that the experience is a flat % which decreases as your level goes up, every set of 5 levels.

    It's fairly simple and straightforward. You head to the right portal, complete whatever task is given, and go to the right portal again. Going through the left portal will send you back to the entrance. Halfway through, there will be a boss which drops a rare maple equip. At the end, there will be a boss which drops an epic maple equip. After each stage, a UI will pop up that allows you to give "points" to one of four people. As a phantom, you'll want to give your points to the hairy dude. These points unlock equips called "totems" which you can buy that give a stat boost. Points are not consumed when you purchase a totem.

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    A run has a 10 minute time limit I think, but I may be wrong. A run on a decently funded character can take about 4-6 minutes In my experience.
    The free and cash tickets are exactly the same.

    The event is like a gauntlet, with 11 or 12 rooms each with a randomly generated "Goal". For example you might have to defeat all the enemies on the screen to continue (zombie and bellflower), or you might have to talk to an NPC until she allows you to continue. there is a room with a math problem too.
    There are some rooms where you have to wait, one has you avoiding NPCs that run around and deal damage, you just have to avoid them for a minute. there is another room where you have to defeat the attackers and wait until 2 minutes are up before you can continue. these ones are really annoying and slow down your run unfortunately.
    Most rooms are simply "defeat the boss" though, which is easy.

    You get an increasing amount of exp and friendship points with each room completed and the exp is based on your level. there are also quests you can do daily, each one completed gives you about the same exp as completing room 10.

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    Coming from a fellow Phantom, I would say a run might take thr entire time they give you almost (10minutes?) You'll be left with about 1min or so left when you finish the last stage. For the nx vs free key, there's no difference in exp, the only difference is that you go in more than once a day and you can get more friend points for tokens.

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    1: Each run has a 10 minute time limit, that's usually just enough time to finish, with like 1 minute left.
    2: There's no difference between free ticket and nx ticket.
    3: Majority of the rooms involves you killing boss that don't really have a lot of hp, there's some special rooms such as: solve a math problem, survive for 1 min, survive for 2 min.

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    It's 10% per run, with nx bought key or daily key, and it scales so you will always get the same 10% every run regardless of your level.
    Yes, I forgot it actually decreases, but it's only every 10 levels and it's only 1% exp decrease, so at lv199 you'd be getting like 6% exp per run, iirc.
    Except it's not that great at lower levels (1-170/180) because until those levels training is just easier and less expensive.
    It usually takes 10-15mins regardless of funds, because mobs you must kill there also scale with you.
    Even if it's great exp it'd be just too expensive that early, so I recommend you train as much as possible before/during the event (obviously before it's over and having enough time to actually get 200) and when you're 180+ waste your money on those keys.
    Try youtube for a vid on it, I am too lazy to try and remember every stage.

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    Thank you for the quick answers!

    These quests you speak about... Can these be repeated after completing the Red Leaf High thing once (assuming you have multiple entrance tickets/keys)? Also, would I be able to get a decent totem (I noticed there's more than one for each type) by just using the free tickets/keys?

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    Once a day.
    Nope, you only get enough points for only 1 kind of totem and the lowest tier too. I think it's +6 main and secondary stat.
    Best totems need 40? extra keys (I don't remember that much) and like 1b? I hate my memory. If you want 3 totems that have the stats you need+att, you'll need 2b, I do remember that much.

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    Red Leaf High works like this:

    You start out in the Classroom, which is full of NPCs. Some of them will have quests for you. The quests vary daily.
    Speak to Boss Kumi, your homeroom teacher, to receive your one free entry key per day. You cannot enter the portal, at the right of the room, without a key (either the free one or one from the cash shop). You cannot enter in a party.

    Once you enter, you have ten minutes to get through 12 rooms, which appear in a random order.
    Each room has a task to complete. Once you complete the task you must speak to the NPC that appears, allocate your "friendship points", and then go out through the right portal to the next room.
    Most of the tasks are to defeat the person in the room, but there are a few exceptions:
    1) Nurse's Room. You are chased around by two nurses and a doctor that deal relatively high touch damage. You can't kill them. Your task is to survive for a minute.
    2) Gymnasium. The room is full of enemies that are attacking four NPCs, which you must keep alive for 2 minutes. The room is probably bugged, because even if you just climb up on something and wait for two minutes, the NPCs will not die. Killing the enemies won't let you out of the room earlier than 2 minutes, either.
    3) Art Room. You must talk to the NPC repeatedly until she gives you a positive response. There is no "right" answer, just keep trying. (Setting your "NPC Chat" key to 'Y' and holding it down next to her is the fastest way to get through this room)
    4) Math Quiz. You are given an arithmetic problem of the form n1 + n2 x n3 + n4. Remember order of operations and you'll do fine. You can use the Windows calculator, just make sure to put it in "scientific" mode so it knows to do the multiplication first.

    The enemies in the rooms scale to your level and to the room number. Each room is progressively harder and gives more experience. The enemy in room 6 drops a Maple weapon with Rare potential, the enemy in room 12 drops one with Epic potential.

    The rooms may or may not present you with the correct enemies to complete the quests you received from the NPCs in the homeroom. Once you are done with the run, turn the quests in. They are worth a lot of experience (same as clearing room 10).

    - The typical length of a run depends on whether you got the time-wasting rooms or not, and of course on your damage.
    - Experience is the same regardless of key source.

    Hope that helps.
    Also, the experience table:

    As for the Totems:
    You get 85 friendship points per completed run.
    You need 4000 friendship points for the best totems.
    Depending on how long the event runs, the free keys may or may not be enough. It looks like it's only 2 weeks this time, so that's not going to happen.

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    The quests are daily and are random (aka you can get one guy one day and another thr next) and they aren't always completed on that runs day (so they could say "defeat mu gong" and you don't see him on that run, the quests carry over to the next day however. I do not believe you can get a decent totem with free keys alone, but I'm not sure so don't qoute me on that.

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    Cheers, that cleared up a lot. I'll be sure to try it out when the event returns!

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    Also adding a couple things:

    The Nurses in their stage CAN be killed, but only by Phantoms (Vol D'Ame can steal their invincibility, from what I understand). Familiars can hit them as well, with high-end ones like Cygnus and PB hitting hard enough to actually kill them.
    For I/L, F/P, and Phantom, you can also just use Slow to practically immobilize them, not sure how well Bind/Crash/Doom skills work on them.

    The Maple Weapons dropped are basically everything except Amethesian and all post-Legends classes. (i.e no Bowguns/Cannons/Canes/Soul Shooters/Fans/Katanas unless they actually updated the droplist this time)

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    if you want the top 3 best totems to equip, you will need 1b meso and 41k nx to get it.

    some math. please correct if im wrong

    suppose im a ds and want str totem

    White Boss Kumi Totem
    ATK 4, M.ATK 4, STR +14 4k friendship points

    Tenacious Little Dragon Totem
    ATK 6, M.ATK 6, STR +20 4k friendship points

    Golden Little Dragon Totem
    ATK 3, M.ATK 3, STR +12 2k friendship points

    13 atk, 46 str

    cost 1b total

    85 friendship points per run. need 10k for top 3 totems. need 118 runs

    june 5 to 18. 14 days. 1 free key per day. 104 runs x 400nx = 41,600nx

    $41.60 just to have 13 atk and 46 str and add insult to injury, untradable! however if you add this to your endgame character which have % stats and nebs, it is somewhat worth it. with the untradable status, nexon is just laughing at you after taking your money.

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    Friendship points are not used up when you buy a totem, so you only need 4,000 of them, not 10,000.

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    IIRC, warriors can also Power Guard them, but I don't think it's possible to do enough to actually kill them that way.

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    His post is confusing... top 3 totems could mean the ones that have any stat but just 6m.atk/atk. His math would be right then. They're not class specific right? I once got one from gachapon that added strenght but could be equipped on my DB. Or are gachapon ones different from event ones?
    But 13atk is only worth 4k points. I also thought 6atk/m.atk totems were 1b, next two were 400m and 100m, making it 2b total.

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    You can, but it's only possible if you have participated in the previous events as well.



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