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Thread: Anvil Options

  1. Default Anvil Options

    I want to anvil some stuff, but I'm not sure which I want to choose. So I figured I'd put some outfits up that I made.

  2. Default Re: Anvil Options

    I'd choose something different for the cape for the second most right look but it seems pretty unique and more colour-coordinated than the rest.

  3. Default Re: Anvil Options

    I just chose that because it's Luminous' cape, so it would be easy for me to find. Thanks for the suggestion though, I could probably find something better if I looked around.

  4. Default Re: Anvil Options

    Normally I'd just go cape-less since a lot of styles look better without a cape and finding one that actually matches with your look would be tough, but since you guys don't have permanent transparent capes I suppose it's out of the question. :x

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    Default Re: Anvil Options

    I like the look of the first one. I think the Blue Brace Look overall would look better though rather than the top and pants.

  6. Default Re: Anvil Options

    Toss the glasses if it's at all possible.

  7. Default Re: Anvil Options

    It would require some other kind of eye accessory, since they're Elven Glasses.

  8. Default Re: Anvil Options

    I really liked the most right (last one?), maybe swap the hat with another that could shine with the gold of the dress.

  9. Default Re: Anvil Options

    I have a slight problem with my outfit selections though.

    I need an overall. A good one. In the next 3 months. Or else this'll be a huge waste of money. .__.;

  10. Default Re: Anvil Options

    Put the fourth one's hat on the third one and find a different pair of shoes for it (the third one) and I'd like that one a lot better. Also, I'd find a way to ditch the cape. I think Frog Cronies would look decent with that. If not, just go for like Transparent Cape.



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