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  1. Default New Battle Mage Blows

    For general reference, this is how I calculated the fastAttack delays for Prime Blow and Another Blow:

    skill/32121011/addAttack/skill	32120052
    skill/32121011/addAttack/reqCount	1
    skill/32121011/addAttack/pattern	151
    skill/32121011/addAttack/isAuto	1
    skill/32121011/addAttack/skipActionFrame	9
    skill/32121011/addAttack/isSkipEffect	1
    skill/32121011/fastAttack/randomSkill0	32001014
    skill/32121011/fastAttack/randomSkill1	32101008
    skill/32121011/fastAttack/randomSkill2	32111015
    skill/32121011/fastAttack/startRepeatActionFrame	3
    skill/32121011/fastAttack/endRepeatActionFrame	9
    skill/32121011/fastAttack/startRepeatEffectFrame	4
    32121011 is Prime Blow. It has an addAttack effect which chains it to Another Blow (32120052), with a skipActionFrame of 9. Going off its default delay 1260ms, this cuts out 3 frames [9, 10, 11], reducing it to 810ms. Another thing to note is the "isAuto" tag, meaning that Another Blow appears to always occur after you've learned it. Another example of this tag existing is Mercedes' Charge Rush, where the rushing action will automatically chain to the tossing action.

    Taking a look at the new fastAttack effect, there is a randomSkill value, which can pick an alternative skill effect other than the default Prime Blow. i.e. you will see First, Second, and Third Blow skill graphics as a possibility as well as Prime Blow's effect.

    The startRepeatActionFrame seems to dictate the starting frame in the delay, and the endRepeatActionFrame dictates the ending frame in the delay for when a "fastAttack" is used, i.e. repeatedly spammed. The delays for all Blow skills (except Another) are identical, with possibly the exception of character position, but I didn't look at that. This start and end cut the delay down to 480ms. When we combine that with the skipActionFrame in the case of chaining to Another Blow, we cut the 9th frame (which still exists as the endRepeatActionFrame) out, which is another 90ms, leading to 390ms Prime Blow.

    The startRepeatEffectFrame dictates the starting frame for the effect of the skill. If we were to look at First Blow, the first four frames [0, 1, 2, 3] are used for the twirling effect of the staff, which exists for Second, Third, and Prime as well. Frame 4, which this effect tells us to skip to, is the first frame that the slashing motion occurs. Thus, in effect, each time you continue a fastAttack, this is analogous to skipping the "start up" involved, where the Battle Mage twirls his staff, and you go straight into the actual attacking part of the animation, which is why you only see the attacking portion in the videos posted so far. This means every time a Battle Mage stops chaining Blows, his next initial Blow will have an additional 420ms (or 330ms if you have Another Blow, leading to 810ms for the first attack, or 720ms with Another Blow). If a Battle Mage doesn't chain his Blows, they will be 1260ms in duration instead.

    skill/32120052/fastAttack/startRepeatActionFrame	0
    skill/32120052/fastAttack/endRepeatActionFrame	6
    skill/32120052/fastAttack/startRepeatEffectFrame	0
    The same effects are applied to Another Blow, but it has slightly different delay values. The principle is the same, and its delay gets cut from 900ms to 450ms, cutting out 3 frames [7, 8, 9], with no skipActionFrames. Since Another Blow's animation doesn't have any superfluous start-up, the entire effect is present with the startRepeatEffectFrame = 0, starting from the beginning and playing the entire thing.

    I personally find this to be a fantastic way to make the class less stale. Rather than being forced to use weaker skills to chain to stronger skills like Aran, you have the graphical appearance of your earlier skills mixed in so it's less spammy looking, and the attack patterns flow very well. That being said, basically all the Hand skills are pretty pomegranatety, with terrible DPS in comparison, and only useful for utility that's meaningless for training since things should be dying in one or two hits, and bosses because they can't be knocked back, slowed, or stunned in most cases.

    For reference, Normal (6):
    First BlowTriple Blow
    Second BlowQuadruple Blow
    Third BlowQuintuple Blow
    Prime BlowFinishing Blow
    Another BlowBattle King Bar
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  2. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    I like how the title of the thread has a double meaning, both of which are backed up by the thread content.

    Thanks for your hard work again, JoeTang.

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    Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    Really stinks how with one patch Battle Mages can do a total 180 and be utterly weakened. It's as if the developers don't at least test out the damage on say Zakum and see if it's much worse than the other classes. Hell, the game really needs DPS dummies in general so both players and the developers can get a rough idea on which classes need help in improving damage. *looks at Aran*

    I can imagine a third meaning.

    Good night, everybody!

  4. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    Where are you guys getting the idea that they're weaker?

  5. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    If only we all can be so weak. I think a lot of people are BKButthurt.

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    Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    That is really cool new mechanic. Having the different job animations certainly make it less boring, as long as it doesnt harm the class.

    Thanks Joe. Glad to see they buffed BaMs although they gave them ugly hands.

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    Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    The "fist" that pounds the ground and creates a red shockwave looks like something else...........

  8. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    I never said that. Them blowing has nothing to do with their damage, just their overall performance. After playing them and seeing here how pomegranatety their non-Blow skills are, the class just... blows.

  9. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    So the only way I can chain is with the 4th job Blow and the Hyper Blow? That's disappointing.

  10. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    Every Blow will Fast Attack with itself. Prime Blow automatically chains into Another Blow once you put a point in it at 170, and it will Fast Attack back into Prime Blow.

    For reference:
    First BlowTriple Blow
    Second BlowQuadruple Blow
    Third BlowQuintuple Blow
    Prime BlowFinishing Blow
    Another BlowBattle King Bar
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  11. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    What was the point of those hand skills seeing how most bosses are not affected and most regular mobs are 1hkoed? I'm sure they could have come up with something better. Not a bad change overall, the mixing of the blows will add some variety. A green aura seems a bit odd, dont know why they changed the colors but maybe we will see in the future. Didnt really change the playstyle too much though.

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    Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    Erm, I don't play my Battle Mage all that often so I might be missing something, but isn't that how it's always been?

    When training my Battle Mage, it's always been: Dark Chain -> strongest Blow move, sometimes use Twister for fun, maybe use Dark Gene once in a blue moon. I guess they did have Finisher to change things up a little way back when, but the Blow attacks were always worth spamming more than anything else.

  13. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    Not quite. The old Battle Mage didn't have a "start-up time" for their core attacks. The new Battle Mage now has a large delay for the first swing, then a slightly large delay after you hold it down before the attacks start getting spammed. It's kind of a turnoff, honestly - at least to me.

    I found the old Battle Mage more fun to play.

  14. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    battle mages have always been like that

  15. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    Maybe if you don't live in Korea.

  16. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    Not that kind of delay. I mean the swing of the weapon is slow, unless you hold it down. The third swing and onward is fast, but the first two are pretty slow to get started.

  17. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    That happens with most skills because of the lag from non-Korea to Korea.

  18. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    so it automatically chains to battle king bar just from holding the skill button down?

    glorious day.

  19. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    Just the loss of a ridiculously large AoE skill, for increased DPS. As someone who never reaches lvl 200, I feel that is quite a big loss to me.


  20. Default Re: New Battle Mage Blows

    to be fair
    battle king bar is way too big.

    being able to attack both platforms at stronghold is overpowered



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