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  1. Default Itunes and maple?

    Does one run the risk of getting banned if one is playing iTunes and maple at the same time? I have heard this but I just want to make sure if its an urban legend.

  2. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Sounds like an "urban legend". I have always played music with Winamp and have recently started with Spotify, never iTunes.

  3. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Been using iTunes with Maple for years and never once got the banhammer. Sounds like a stupid rumor if you ask me.

  4. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Same as ^. I use iTunes with Maple on a daily basis.

  5. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Same here, I always have iTunes open while playing Maplestory, well for the most part. n_n

  6. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Lol, why would you get banned for running iTunes while running Maplestory? They are completely unrelated.

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    Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Because Nexon.

    I've used itunes with maple for years now without a problem.

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    Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    I remember this myth from long ago. I have iTunes on when I play maple and never got banned.

  9. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Because iTunes is "3rd party".

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    Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Nope, you're fine. Unless you're using it to hack Maplestory or build nuclear weapons.

  11. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    iTunes and almost any other music player since I started playing and I've never ever been banned.

  12. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Hell, I normaly have a media player, Firefox, OpenOffice and 2 other mmo:s running at the same time as MS. It is not an issue.

  13. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Probably a myth, though its easy to see how it got started if lots of people get false banned with the "blocked for using illegal programs" message, and all they had running was the game and itunes. Also the usual ticket reply says much the same thing:

  14. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    Technically it is not a myth, Nexon could technically ban you for having iTunes open while playing Maple since it is a 3rd party program. The likelihood of that happening is probably negative though.

  15. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    I think that some if not most "false" bans combined with these kind of "having iTunes open caused the ban" were always a bad excuses used by ilegit players.
    I don't think I'm being a cynic about it, I'm not the only one who has never been banned despite using iTunes, web browser or whatever else while playing. Maybe it has to do more with the fact that we don't do ilegit stuff or just avoid it as much as possible.

  16. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    O, I see, required post from the 'I've never been false banned, so there's no such thing' crowd.
    Well, lucky you.
    I've had many one-day bans with the exact message I quoted from 'blocked for using illegal progams' with nothing running but the game, firefox and wordpad (where I keep my crazy 20-char passwords). So I guess wordpad must be an illegal program.

  17. Default Re: Itunes and maple?

    "Blocked for using illegal programs" can occur if something triggered an autoban. Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with other applications. Just hackshield being stupid.



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