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    I've been rocking an iPhone 4 for around... 3 years or so now. Was considering picking up the Galaxy Note 3 when it drops, as I hear the Note 2 is excellent for web browsing. The S-pen sounds great as well, as I love the precision that a stylus brings. What does SP think about larger phones? Does anyone own a Note or similar device?

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    No Note experience (but that Note 2 claimed battery life sure looks tasty).

    I half-blindly got a Lumia 900 as my first smart phone about 9 months ago. It's... okay. I didn't really consider the physical dimensions compared to my tiny old slide-phone before buying and was pretty shocked. That was exacerbated by the very 'robust' case I ended up getting. Generally speaking, I don't really make amazing use of smart phone capabilities. Even my huge phone is still too small to do any serious entertainment beyond simple games and mostly text-based internet amusement. I got a wifi-only Nexus 7 tablet about two weeks ago, and it's already overtaking my phone in terms of ease of use, how I use it, and what I use it for. My next phone will probably be the dumbest, cheapest smartphone I can get, unless some radical new approach to exorbitant smartphone pricing schemes appears in the next year or two.

    Nokia Drive is the best goddamn app ever. If that's worth anything. I basically got a free car GPS with pomegranate battery life with the purchase of my phone.

    Edit: Looking at these Note 3 screen size rumors. Damn. I'd need a purse ("satchel") to lug around a 6" screen device as my main communication gadget.

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    My current phone's screen is pathetically tiny compared to whats on the market currently. (And even the iPhone 5's screen is pretty lacking, minus that amazing color gamut) I just kinda felt like all that real estate, coupled with the ultra fine precision of a stylus verus a huge unwieldy thumb, would make web browsing x10 better. I use my phone mostly for net-related things (Web, facebook, youtube, etc; I still have an unlimited data plan from AT&T), and I usually text people as opposed to calling them.

    If the thing is really that much bigger than the Note 2 though... I dont know. I'm just really interested in having a 5 inch~ 1080p AMOLED screen with a stylus.

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    Phone rumors be crazy.

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    Default Re: Phablets/larger phones

    *nods as I turn the iPhone 4 sideways to see the posts w/o zooming in* xD

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    I had an iPhone before and then got the Galaxy S3. It is a lot bigger than the iPhone already and at first it slipped out of my hands a lot (thank you phone case for keeping it safe). But now, I don't think I could go back to a smaller one again. Every time I have my sister's iPhone in my hands, it's kind of uncomfortable.. A big phone is a lot easier to navigate and surf on. I'd love to get the Note as my next one.

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    Does it fit in your pocket without getting damaged? I was under the impression that something like a note migggght not fit.

    I can't begin to tell you how tired I get of having to double tap to zoom into things, only to have to scroll like crazy afterwards. Can't see it if I don't zoom, can't see anything other than the spot I zoomed in on if I do zoom.

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    I wear skirts and skinny jeans most of the time, so I don't keep my phone in my pockets... Well at least not in my pants' pockets. So I don't know. Though, I think it should, if you can fit a full wallet into your pocket? o_o

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    A bunch of my friends have gotten the note 2, and while it fits in their back pocket, it looks ridiculous, with like...half of it sticking out.

    Personally, I prefer smaller phones, but that goes with what I do with my phone. I've owned two phones in the past 3 years: The original Galaxy S, and now a White Blackberry Q10. The reason I've never upgraded my S is because the screens got gradually bigger and bigger, and I didn't need that. I just kept updating the firmware on my phone to get the newer features instead of upgrading (My S runs Jellybean, so I was fine with it). For me, I have a nexus 7 tablet since it came out last summer, and I do all my web browsing on it (through bluetooth tethering). And I have my tablet with me in my backpack most of the time that I almost NEVER use my phone for web browsing, simply because the browser was so much slower than on my tablet (which probably had to do with the specs of my phone) and the fact that the 7 inch screen allowed me to see more.

    For me, phones are used for calling, texting, emailing, etc. (Yeah, that's most of what I do on my phone, hence why I got a Q10), so the screen size doesn't really matter to me. I gladly traded screen real estate for a physical keyboard and have no regrets doing so because of what I do on my phone. I've never understood big phone screens because no matter how you look at it, 4.6 inches, 5 inches, and 5.5 inches are all too small for watching videos in my opinion. Bigger phone also usually means heavier phone, and I prefer to carry as little weight around with me as possible. So when thinking about a new phone, think about what you need it for. If you're into the screen-size hype, then go for one of the bigger phones. If you're more for simple productivity and prefer convenience (with a smaller and lighter phone), look elsewhere.

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    I would just go with an Galaxy S3/4. The screen size is perfect for having a slightly bigger screen, but not too big. My dad uses a Note 2, and I always laugh at him talking on it because it almost covers his face. Plus, once you are used to it, the S3/4 is great in your hands, and doesnt feel like you could drop it and break it. Every time I go to use someones iPhone, I feel like I could easily drop it and it would break.

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    I have an S3 and am in love with the bigger screen sizes.
    Once you go big, you never go back. I felt my sisters iPhone 4S a few days ago and it felt like the tiniest phone in the world.

    I am personally waiting to get the Note 3.

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    I don't really like so much the idea of a phone that is 1.5 bigger than the competition, but smaller than the cheapest Tablet.
    In my case, I always bought Motorola, I started my Android journey with a Defy and in december I bought a Razer Intel. Aside I'm a really fan of Motorola, I'm always concern about the size of the phone, all cause I have thin hands compared to most of my friends.
    The Razr does a good job in the hardware and it's fits perfectly wherever I leave it.
    If I really want something big, then I will go for a tablet.

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    Can't wait for the 2nd gen Nexus 7. Hnnnggg.

    Whenever someone hands me an iPhone, my thumb hovers over the screen, twitching and being all confused. "Let me just go into this app's settings to find that option..."

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    galaxy note 8.0.

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    Omg that's what I posted a few posts before this. My sister has a 4S and I think I'm going to get the next Note, too.
    That's funny. :D

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    Later this week I'll be getting the HTC One. My current phone is a Blackberry 9930, so I can't wait for the extra screen space.



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