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  1. Default True Ending Date of Maple Aniversary

    Well I came back to maple after some years to enjoy the maple aniversary, because I usually found the game the most fun during this event.

    Now, I want to know when exactly the aniversary ends, or more specifically, when does trading coins into inkwell for items stop. IDK if I can trust the site / in game event calender stating that these events end on June 30th and July 7th.

    So yea, do maple aniversary events really go for 2+ months, or is it most likely May 30th?

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    Default Re: True Ending Date of Maple Aniversary

    None of us have any information other than what Nexon said in the Update Notes, which matches the site and the event calendar: June 30.
    They sometimes misprogram and have the events ending a day early, but I see no reason to believe they will end a month earlier.

  3. Default Re: True Ending Date of Maple Aniversary

    In recent coin shop events, they kept the shop opened for a week or two after the events are over so we can spend our leftover coins, but just to be safe you should spend them all at the last date on the list, and definitely convert leaves to coins before event ends.

  4. Default Re: True Ending Date of Maple Aniversary

    just seems kind of odd to already announce the next patch, while events seemingly go on for a long long time/

    I just remember back then maple aniversary events usually ended in May, maybe 1st week of june on the latest. But to say now they end at the last week of June and 1st week of July feels odd to me.

  5. Default Re: True Ending Date of Maple Aniversary

    The next patch isn't really a content patch, though. We already have the content in our data. They are just going to activate farmville and possibly include some bug fixes. What they may do is push more data for the v136 patch to help reduce the size of that patch later.

    I just hope they surprise us and give us the new UI. (Totally wishful thinking...)



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