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    So I haven't played in a couple years and was feeling nostalgic so I thought I'd try playing some MS again. I logged on my higher chars and realized I didn't even know what I wanted to do now...the obscene town lag was kind of a downer, sort of inhibited my decision making in this regard. I was wondering if I might get some guidance or ideas. Should I continue playing an old char or make a new one? On a newer server?

    Got a 143 Battle mage, 134 dual blade, 124 mechanic, 104 wind archer...but I don't think I want to play that more, lame 120 cap... 50ish spearman and a 90 marauder. They're all split between galacia and el nido, can't remember exactly who is where, and the 'my characters' page isn't letting me check.
    I was supremely disappointed to see that while there's so many new classes, they're all unavailable at the moment. I was about to make a hayato on renegade when I noticed that class was limited time only...or will be? Do they even exist in gms at this point? I don't even know.
    I don't know of any old acquaintances playing so that is a non-factor.
    Are any unavailable classes expected to become available sometime soon?

    Also would like to know about amount of hackers around today? Is it as infested with vac hackers, DC hackers, item hackers etc as it was a couple years ago?

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    all unavailable classes open up at points of time, dont worry about it. as for hackers, most of them are in secluded places or at bosses

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    Botters are all over Leafre, ToT and Gate to the Future, and there are hackers hacking party play areas and bosses. Idk if any servers have dc hackers or not but most of those have been patched.



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