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  1. Default Which hat looks better?

    Ignore the different face expressions, there isn't one for Xenon yet on Banned Story so I just put something random.

    After giving it some thought, as I may be getting a Xenon to level 200 and anvils are far cheaper than buying permanent cash equips I thought it would be good to design something first in case Fusion Anvils are back in MapleSEA when he's out since I have some fairly decent equips for him. The only problem I have is finding a hat that is nice enough for the job and I've narrowed it down to these two choices:

    Personal thoughts: While the first one looks more badass and it's my favourite, my major issue with it is that it coves up a lot of the face and this hinders a lot of expressions. The second hat looks more common but it has the advantage of matching the outfit's colours and it doesn't really block the face.

    So help me out here Southperry, which would you go for?

  2. Default Re: Which hat looks better?

    2nd hat.
    Fits better, and I personally dislike the black henchman hat :/
    Go 2nd hat :P

  3. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
    IGN: MariettaRC
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    Default Re: Which hat looks better?

    Second hat definitely looks much better.

  4. Default Re: Which hat looks better?

    The 2nd hat looks a lot better in my opinion.

  5. Default Re: Which hat looks better?

    While i like the first hat by itself, the second hat works better with the look.

  6. Default Re: Which hat looks better?

    Second hat is one of the best designed items in the game in my opinion.



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