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    Cash0 Maplestory Email Change

    Okay, question. I've been trying to get my email changed to my new email since my old was from college and I no longer have access to the email account. When I sent a ticket to Nexon, they told me they needed me to send them a copy of my drivers license. I'm not sure if that's the most secure thing and why they would even NEED that kind of info.

    Have any of you needed to change an email and they tell you the same thing? I can't get into my account because I need to change the PIN and I can't do that without changing the email. So annoyed!

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    There are some services that have required it in the past, for various reasons.

    It's asked for because it's unlikely you're going to make a fake Driver's License to steal an account, so if you have a Driver's License proving your account information, then you can easily prove that you own your account and therefore you have the right to change your email. They don't know if you're just someone trying to steal the account, and using the "my email doesn't work anymore" as an excuse to get away with it.

    You can black out the License number and any other important information, like if your SSN is on it, and you should be fine. If they are asking for those things then they have a serious issue that you can fight them on. I've called out companies trying to tell me to "not edit the file in any way" for ID, and when I made a fuss about it they accepted it. I basically said, "You have absolutely no right to ask for the information I have blacked out, as it's beyond identification. If you continue to ask for that information, I will report you to the proper authorities," and they didn't ask again. So yeah, just black out any major non-identification necessary information and you should be fine.

    Of course...when it comes to Nexon...most accounts use fake information...which will screw you if this happens.

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    Default Re: Maplestory Email Change

    Huh, that's strange. I had to change my email a while back too, from an email account I no longer had access too. All they asked me for was a paypal transaction ID from when i'd bought NX in the past.
    It wasn't that long ago either, maybe about a year? they were really helpful in getting it fixed too.

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    Why would you ever use a college email account to sign up for an online game?

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    When I changed my email about a year or so ago they just asked for a state-issued ID (more or less a driver's license, I used my military one).

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    I've never had to do this since my e-mail is still active, but just to add on the subject MapleSEA players are also required to provide confidential info to change their Asiasoft Passport e-mail (Equivalent of Nexon ID):

    It's possibly just a safety kind of thing since some Nexon IDs have a lot of cash and you wouldn't want that stolen.

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    Default Re: Maplestory Email Change

    Because we were told it would be a perma email addy at first, then they changed their minds. Plus, I didn't want nexon to have my actual email address lol.

    Also, this is what it keeps saying when I try to click the change email button - totally different image than what nexons photos show.



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