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Thread: [Demon Slayer] Demon Avenger potions

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    So, Demon Avenger as a beginner skill that makes HP pots 300% effective (High Efficiency). My question is how does this affect the potions you buy? Things like Reindeer milk will restore 15000 HP, when would you switch to NLC % potions? When do they become more cost effective? Also another big one Potion Pot. Does this skill affect the potions you put in the pot? (so a white potion should add 900 instead of 300). Does it affect what comes out? (so if you need to heal 300 HP, it will give you 100 and you triple it?) Or is it not affected at all? If the potion pot is not affected it might not be worth it. Thanks for your help.

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    For the adding HP in the potion pot I'm pretty sure it will only add 300 if you chose to use a white pot.

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    Reindeer Milk is like, 5.6k? If it heals 15k HP, then it heals 2.7 HP, 15k/5.6k, per meso spent on the pot. Honsters are 2.8k to heal 60% of your HP, 2.8k * 2.7 = 7.56k, then you divide that by .6 and you get 12.6k HP. It's already more cost effective to use Honsters by the time you have 12.6k HP. Not sure how viable it'd be for you to only heal 60% HP vs all your HP, though, and technically, if you only have 12.6k HP, the ratio for Reindeer Milk would be even worse since you're not even healing the full 15k.

    The potion pot might be the best pot to use for DA, though, since it fully heals, along with possibly NLC pots, unlike Power Elixirs (you only heal 99,999 HP if you have more HP than that) they'll probably remained uncapped in healing ability.



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