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    Default MODA Magazine Summer 2013

    Given the issue's coverage of basically every element of the subforum, I figured it best posted generally within Expressive Arts.

    Please enjoy the full online issue of MODA Magazine Summer 2013, the final print issue endeavor of the student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine I've had the esteemed pleasure of working for this past academic year as the Fashion Editor.

    In overseeing all fashion editorial content for our online and print media publication formats, I specifically created the concepts for all fashion pieces in the issue (which our incredible layout editor then brought to life), and edited all copy for each. My main contributions are in the sixteen pages of major fashion spreads, which I not only styled and art directed, but also logistically created in securing the fashion rental from local stores and scouting locations for each shoot. Additionally, I wrote the cover article on our featured star, Kate Hogan, the staff features editor at

    If you're interested in more reading, check out our archive of online articles on our site,!



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