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  • Anvil everything

    1 14.29%
  • Anvil nothing

    6 85.71%
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  1. Default ...Anvil everything?

    Should I anvil nothing(<) or everything(>)?

    Not like it has anything to with the question

  2. Default Re: ...Anvil everything?

    I wouldn't anvil anything. If you want to troll around, you can always switch equipment.

  3. Default Re: ...Anvil everything?

    That would depend on whether you're changing your appearance to something more fitting. Yes to the third look + DA cape anviled to the Tyrant if you can, no otherwise.

  4. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
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    Default Re: ...Anvil everything?

    i think left looks much, MUCH better.

    dojo gloves and earrings give away your non-noobines anyways.

  5. Default Re: ...Anvil everything?

    Alright tnx guys.
    I guess I won't waste money on anvils then :D



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