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Thread: [Wind Archer] WA Prep

  1. Default WA Prep

    As a die hard archer I am very excited about the up coming WA revamp. Mainly because I love archers and I can transfer all my costly high end equips from my current BM to the new WA main. Here are some the things I am doing to now to be ready when that glorious day arrives. Fellow archers (or others) please share what you are doing as well.

    - WA already lvl 120 so no leaving needed
    - Mercedes at lvl 70 for link skill - need to get to 120 for link II
    - Need to get 20% greed pendent (have one already on BM)
    - Got a coin purse
    - Need to get wolf underling fam (gunna be hard)
    - Work on character traits (ambition will power first)
    - Azwan - tried cant event clear easy mode with 16 k range :( any ideas
    - kanna and DS at 120 for link - Cannoneer Phantom AB Lumi kaiser at 70
    - Mech only at 36 need to lvl to 100+ for buff duration
    - Got new tempest ring - 3 line epic +10 atk bonus pot - need to cube
    - need emp shoulder - wait for prices to drop more buy pre cubed on WA
    - got 3 perm pets with ATK equips (huskys with shades)
    - need perm hper tele - will so miss this (have one on BM)
    - Need to do HTPQ so can HT solo
    - Screw zak jump quest
    - get herb bags and chair bags (are these tradable with items inside?)

    Just a start for me what are you doing for WA arrival?

  2. Default Re: WA Prep

    I might be doing these:

    - Forking out mesos for a Supreme DEX Badge (20 DEX, 6 WA).
    - Getting an S-ranked DEX ring when the jewel event is out again.
    - Crafting and fusing Archer equips like it's going out of style.
    - Getting my Sniper to level 100 (79 currently)
    - Them link skills (Only Mercedes and Phantom are at level 2 link skill currently)
    - ...that's about it, my BM's range is only 20k after all.

    As for Aswan, try not to fret too much about it since you won't need +1 attack speed and if you get the revamped Honour system you'll have three lines of Honour by level 70.

  3. Default Re: WA Prep

    I have a lvl 120 WA. It is actually my second oldest character.
    I haven't done much prep yet aside from buying a Falcon Wing bow and a Loveless bow (both clean). I guess I should be accumulating event 20% scrolls. If I end up switching to WA as main, I could steal most of the good stuff off my Mercedes, but it would be a bit sad to do so.

  4. Default Re: WA Prep

    You should have left your WA at 119 so you aren't tossed into the higher tier Azwan. Someone asked the very same thing in preparation for their WA some time ago, I told them to restart their character. I don't know how far you are along, but if it really is important, 119 hardly takes any time at all, especially with the free 1.5X and Monster Park Extreme.

  5. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
    IGN: thewatch3r
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    Default Re: WA Prep

    Since I already main a BM and have been working for a long time on my link skills, all I really have to do is get to 120 (currently at 100) and then wait around.

    Already got a big spider familiar, although I want to increase it's level.
    Need to finish/work on:
    -Monster book
    -Obtain more MPE attack speed/weap attack pots
    -Cube myself a better tempest ring (the one I have is 3 attack clean with a +12 attack bonus pot ;))
    -Rank up my 100% tier up gloves and shoes (for dec se/co)
    -Obtain the perma dragonoir mount because why the hell not.

    Everything else will be determined by how much I like playing my WA post-revamp and what changes KMS/GMS brings to adventurers/bowmasters.

    Also, if Nexon ever brings back perma pets or second pendant slots I will be ALL OVER THAT S'HIT.

  6. Default Re: WA Prep

    In addition to those, I'd recommend snagging all the event stuff, like free inventory slots, chairs, coin/PQ bags, and whatever else that would make it easier to do stuff with. I chose to make and level up a Wind Archer at around with the event that gave out free inventory slot expansions. I've gotten quite a bit of event stuff on it to make it worthwhile and can't turn back on deleting it.
    A way to do Azwan is just alternating between hard defense mode and normal attack/occupy mode at lower honor levels, or just go solo hard defense mode if you're funded/high honor level enough.

    Sure by creating and leveling a WA to 120 before the revamp, you miss out on level up events, exp coupons, free equipment every 10 levels, etc... But You'll still have better stuff by then, and you won't necessarily miss out on the hot time hat for it.
    I plan on using a 6 piece empress with the hot time hat (I like the bonus Critical rate, the classy feather look, and it comes out unique upon reveal if I remember correctly).

  7. Default Re: WA Prep

    Goals to accomplish

    •Make a wind archer
    •Gather up the rest of my level 2 link skills (only phantom, kanna and angelic buster are there right now)
    •Get decent equips
    •Mechanic to 100 (currently 30 because I got to lazy and got "phantomsick")

  8. Default Re: WA Prep

    I won't be doing much with my wind archer since it's 120, but here's what I would do....

    -Get leafre card set effect (will most likely require a friend for this... though you might not be able to do this at all because of the level difference.)
    -finish as many other card sets as possible for the base stat boost on the codex
    -Finish all link skill mules, get jett's core aura to 30+ attack (This doesn't cost that much, surprisingly, it only cost me around 15k NX)
    -Farm Evo world for level 110 archer equips to fuse, and ores to either craft more archer equips, or silver ores to craft tops and bottoms to hope for uniques on the reveal.
    -Do Root Abyss every day for 100% tier upgrade equips (This is completely luck based, but it's worth a shot really.)
    -Abuse 20% clean slates and 20% attack event scrolls to perfectly scroll an empress bow

    There's probably more, but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

  9. Default Re: WA Prep

    That is a really good idea. If I have 2 WA at 120 and 120+ how much % resist would the eventual lvl 200 + WA main have?

  10. Default Re: WA Prep

    If you are talking about the Link Skill, I've also asked a similar question before and was told they don't stack that way, each CK must be a different class.

  11. Default Re: WA Prep

    From what I take of it, the link skill is up to Lv5 for each different knight that you have. They all add up to 25% elemental/status resistance at max. For each CK linked, it's +2% elemental/status resist for level 1 (Lv70), and +5% for level 2 (Lv120) per knight.

    If you can't get the Leafre Codex Set, then you can try going for the Hob PQ set as an alternative for having something of use. The bonuses are pretty nice (+1% all stat, +15% PDR), and it can be quick as you can find all of the cards in the PQ.

    I'm satisfied with just a 6 piece empress set. I got lucky with chaos scrolling a few of the equipment as well as fusing the overall to have 6% Dex. I think the set bonuses from all of that outweighs the normal custom made equipment. Of course, if you have common handmedowns or things that can be traded over via storage to use, that's a cheap option too.

    At least in Windia, empress bowman equipment are very cheap, 10m-15m each for gloves, overall, shoes, hat. Empress bow goes for 50-100m. I actually bought 2 crappy ones for cheaper than that, and fused them. The cape is expensive, but there are alternatives for getting it. Even without the 8th anniversary boxes, you can pretty much hunt coins and farm all the pre-made empress equipment (including the cape, but minus the weapon) you want from killing the Cygnus Knights in Evolving World. I managed to find 2 capes for my Merc and my WA. Shoulderpad from Shadow Cygnus. Probably best to buy them while they're still cheap, before the actual revamp.

  12. Default Re: WA Prep

    Oh. Let me know if you want the HT card! I can always ask my Bishop friend to come just in case too.

  13. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    Default Re: WA Prep

    keep training traits that's all i want to do right now... easy mode aswan isnt hard to me.... sadly only easy mode...

    since this char was made way before and it was already my main it has some extra slots and some other free things from hot time(like bounty hunter badge)... etc...

    i think the only thing i need right now is the right bow... and get my wild hunter hair back

    oh also i got some empress bowman equips to scrolll... sadly they dont have %dex

  14. Default Re: WA Prep

    My long list of things to do;
    ✓- Make a new WA, cause my old one looks ugly and has a stupid ign.
    -Lvl 120 Angelic Buster (Soul Contract) -84-
    ✓-Lvl 120 Cannoneer (Pirate Blessing)
    -Lvl 120 Demon Avenger (Wild Rage) -0-
    ✓-Lvl 120 Demon Slayer (Fury Unleashed)
    ✓-Lvl 70 Hayato (Shippuu Denju)
    -Lvl 120 Jett (Core Aura) -86-
    -Lvl 120 Kaiser (Iron Will)-91-
    ✓-Lvl 120 Kanna (Shisen Denjuu)
    -Lvl 120 Luminous (Permeate) -97-
    -Lvl 120 Mercedes (Elven Blessing) -105-
    -Lvl 120 Mihile (Guardian of Light)-1-
    -Lvl 120 Phantom (Deadly Instinct) -70-
    ✓-Lvl 120 Wind Archer (My Old Wind Archer) (Cygnus Blessing)
    -Lvl 120 Xenon (Hybrid Logic)-42-
    Character Cards

    - 20% greed pendent
    - Coin Purse
    - Work on traits
    - Azwan - I tried too, but easy mode is all I could do, so I gave up
    - Leafre Set
    - Fill up Monster Book

    ✓-Fafnir Bow
    ✓-Ereve Brilliance from Evo
    -Chaos Root Abyss Set 2/4
    ✓-Pocket Item
    -Cube/Scroll stuff
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  15. Default Re: WA Prep

    Seeing how complete the revamp is for warriors and mages in KMS red I think I am putting the WA on hold atm and waiting to see what the archer revamp looks like. It will save me $ by not having to buy all the psoks for my emp set, dom pendent, etc. Also I have perm tele rock and perm 2nd pendent slot on my bm. Those will be sorely missed if I change mains to WA. Also what is :

    Ereve Brilliance from Evo @ daveyjones

    what are you other archers going to do in light of the upcoming revamp?

  16. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
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    Default Re: WA Prep

    @dalai008; Chair/herb bags are not tradable once opened. I also doubt shoulder prices will drop much more. If anything, archer shoulders will rise as WA revamp gets closer.

    WA hit speed cap and most of their skills ignore weapon speed anyway.
    WA have real SE...

    My List:
    -Get %boss or %crit S rank IA
    -Get to lvl120
    -Get MM from 195-200 for 1%crit
    -Make lvl100-110 bow to train with until 140/150
    -Make decent CO shoes
    -Perm dragonoir mount
    -Scroll/cube Empress shoulder
    -lvl2 link skills (Phantom/Kaiser/AB/Mihile and eventually Xenon/DA)
    -continue gear upgrades for BM

  17. Default Re: WA Prep

    After seeing this thread, I'll *Cough* admit I did a few things for my WA (And by extension BM, Cygnus equips ain't working out for me):

    - Bought a 30% boss 15% PDR bow
    - Working on getting unique min 12% DEX equips
    - Still working on link skills

    I thought of doing Royal Hair as well but meh, that 14k could go a long way towards better investments. :/

  18. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
    IGN: thewatch3r
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Lolmaster
    Guild: Contagious

    Default Re: WA Prep

    No pomegranate, they have SE? Well dam, I guess I can cube my gloves for % dex then although I still want dec co. They just love giving my skills to everyone

    I wasn't aware that WAs hit speed cap, but I guess stocking up some some of those pots could help me train other classes anyways. Seems I really need to read up on the WA revamp.

  19. Neon Atom Gay Male
    IGN: VVindswept
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 210
    Job: Wind Archer
    Guild: Memento
    Alliance: Christmas

    Default Re: WA Prep

    Anyone have any thoughts on when this year you think the Cygnus Revamps will start? Think they might make it a fall/winter patch? Or will it be a summer patch? I'm curious to see what everyone's thoughts are on it.

    Here's what I've done so far...

    1) Wind Archer to 120
    2) Archer Root Abyss Set Scrolled (waiting to cube once cubes go on sale and we get another miracle time event)
    3) Tempest Ring (3L Epic 6 atk it for 75mil and thought it was a good buy so I grabbed it up...cubing will also be done when I do the RA set)
    4) Started Crusader Questline...farming crusader coins so I can get the Mystic Eye & Face Accessories as well as the Mystic Pendant (Dominator will be my primary but secondary will be Mystic so I can get the 3-set effect)
    5) Doing the Shadow Merchant Coin dailies on my Mercedes so I can gather enough to get the Archer Nova cape and shoes so the only thing I'll have to hunt/buy is the Archer Nova belt
    6) Demon Slayer & Kanna are at 120 for level 2 link skills, still need to get Cannoneer/Phantom/Angelic Buster/Luminous to 120 from 70, need to get Kaiser to 120 & Hayato to 70 (made the chars but haven't started yet)

    There are a bunch of other things that I want to work on as well such as leveling my trait skills, but I'm off to a decent start...can't wait til they get revamped

  20. Default Re: WA Prep

    It could be a summer patch along with the rest of Unlimited for you guys, I'd certainly not discount the possibility since GMS tends to have rather large summer updates.

    Anyway, more stuff to do:

    - Buying equips
    - Cubing a 3L Bunny Mask, will trade for 15% DEX if it's good since my Phantom's covered
    - Rank S DEX ring when the next gem event is out, chaos to > 10 WA
    - Clean Slate Imperial Bow, not sure what to scroll it with though...
    - Do Mystic Field quests for the medal, Greatest Class can go screw itself

    And the worst one:

    - Find someone to bring my WA to bosses for a 5 WA 10 all stats title. It's a running event in MSEA and much as I wish it were possible the 10 WA title is out of my reach.



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