recently I have been experiencing a very frustrating problem with my FPS.

This is all happening on a v.83 server and only there.
Whenever I would join a party with more than 3 members and those would start using skills, my FPS drops from around 150 to 10 and even freezes at certain bosses for durations of over 1 minute. Another symptom is that my MapleStory freezes for 1-2 seconds if I press "M" to change the minimap size. If I spam press my "M" key my MapleStory would freeze indefinitely. I can run through CH1 FM with a constant 150FPS and no freezes at all.
I have never ever had this problem before. Using this same computer I used to run Zakum/HT speedruns with 15+ people spamming everything they have also in v..83, both in GMS and PS.

I have updated all my drivers, ran a defrag, ran a malware check, reformatted my computer and tried playing with my desktop set to different resolutions ranging from 800x600 to 1920x1080, no difference whatsoever.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,