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Thread: Whyyy ;-;

  1. Default Whyyy ;-;

    Nobody wants to play Neverwinter with me.

    Yes this is supposed to just be a joke. But come play Neverwinter anyway >:[ and you guys haven't insulted me yet for anything yet. Jesus christ when did you all go soft on me?

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    What is this Neverwinter you speak of?

  3. Proton

    IGN: F'uck you.
    Server: F'uck you.
    Level: F U
    Job: F'uck you.
    Guild: F'uck you.
    Alliance: F'uck you.
    Farm: F'uck you.

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    Because it's D&D and we're all girls. Girls don't play D&D. Shame on you for going behind your sister's backs and playing D&D.

    Pillow fight anyone?

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    It's just another WoW mod.

    That thing where you can create your own dungeons looks pretty f*cking awesome though.

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    I know, I know. But to me, anything slightly similar to WoW is the same old shiet. I've got to admit that the fighting system is cooler, but in the end I feel like it's the same thing. Same happened with GW2, Tera... They are all just the same, eventhough each have its own special features, graphics and whatnot.

    Just look at Monster Hunter. THAT is what they need to do, not another WoW.

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    Yeah, but do you wanna shell out 17.95 (USD) monthly to play MHO? (Monster Hunter Online).

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    Monster hunter has become too mainstream .__.



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