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    Default RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    I hate my life. I enjoyed this MMO back when it was in beta.

    And now it's gonna join with the F2P crowd too.

  2. Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    nvm, i need to learn.
    Looks like a pretty well run game, I may look into this further.

  3. Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    I was always interested in Rift. Wasn't too sure if it was worth playing though. May go check it out. When is it to go F2P?

  4. Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    The game seemed interesting couple years ago when I got bored of WoW.
    Now school, Dota 2 and D3 keep me busy enough to even bother with the download.

  5. Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    Another one bites the dust. WoW might be the only P2P MMO left now.

  6. Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    Rift is going F2P?


    I got Rift a while back when Steam had it for $20 with a free month sub. I liked it a lot, but I could not justify spending $10/mo on it, especially when Guild Wars 1/2, and many other games are B2P. When I bought Defiance (which is fun, although needs work), I got Storm Legion for free because I pre-ordered on Steam which got all the pre-order bonuses. I've been hesitating using my Storm Legion key, because I didn't want to waste the extra month. If Rift is going completely f2P, it sounds like another MMO is on my list of games to play.

    Rift is really fun. It was one of the first games with dynamic content (the first to focus on it, I believe), which overall is really enjoyable (although some of it is just unbalanced for the area you are in where it spawns, but that might be ironed out by now for all I know). Rifts are sometimes really cool and how they affect the environment is pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to playing the game again.

    Edit: HAH! It goes f2p on my birthday. Quite interesting.

  7. Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    Hm, with pretty much all Trion games being F2P I wonder if ArcheAge will be F2P too, also it seems like they like to have that subscription system while being F2P, well at least End of Nations will have it too and it seems they're dead serious about not making it P2W, look at its FAQ:

    But only time will tell how it ends up.

  8. Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    Might be worth trying out, I've missed the WoW-style raids since I quit.

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    Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    It actually has scythes...but the combat seems atrocious =/.

  10. Default Re: RIFT General - It's F2P too?!

    Still waiting for a new 2D MMO. 3D ones just aren't my thing outside of stuff like Dragon Nest. Meh.



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