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Thread: Introversion

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    Default Introversion

    Anyone feels identified with the following?


    Quite honestly, i don't think i have ever felt so identified with something so much before, this single image practically described my whole social life in a nut.

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    While I don't completely identify with it (I've always felt like I was mix of the two -verts), but it definitely strikes some chords.

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    The problem is more of an issue of people being too obnoxious or too narcissistic. There's really no need to spend time with anybody who acts like a pretentious plantainwad all day long in the vein hopes of impressing others somehow.

    Too obnoxious, too much of a sheep, etc. Those things tend to repel me. A perfect example: Those who live and breathe Call of Duty and won't play anything else, yelling obnoxiously into their headset for everyone to hear without taking any consideration into the people around them.
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    Your post confuses me.

    OT: I thought I was an introvert but I can't relate to the comic at all. Mostly because I feel like it's talking about an animal pet instead of a human.

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    That comic makes introverted people seem like some kind of excluded species or animal.

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    I can't stand when people speak of introversion like it means they're some special, delicate little snowflake.

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    Default Re: Introversion

    I'm...pretty sure I'm introverted? I tend to keep to myself because I got bullied a lot as a kid, and was more interested in stuff like video games and cartoons; so I didn't really know any good ways to interact with people my age. Especially other girls. However I legitimately have no idea of what that comic is talking about. If I have someone to talk to then I'll gladly speak with them. I get lonely, but I don't require people to treat me like I'm some brused babby who needs approaching a certain way. All I want is someone who won't treat me in a bad manner.

    Although maybe I'm just not really an introvert? I dunno.

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    Default Re: Introversion

    I'm an introvert and I can certainly relate to parts of the comic, especially about silence not being an insult and social interaction wasting using precious energy.

    However, I don't have the personal space issues or antisocial vibes that a lot of my fellow introverts exhibit. I did debate for years and got over the whole talking with people thing ages ago.

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    Default Re: Introversion

    There are all sorts of personality-type tests around the 'net. Some were even posted here not too long ago.
    But most people are some of each. Sometimes we want company, sometimes we want to be alone. I think that comic, more than it speaks about the "Introverted Person", should be taken to speak of the "Introverted Mood". Basically, be sensitive to people around you, and if they seem to need "space" - give it to them.

    I find that debate, and any other type of purposeful conversation or lecture, is far easier for me (as an introvert) than smalltalk. In fact, in social gatherings I generally have nothing to say unless a question of information comes up. Anyone who's tried to buddy me on Maple (or worse, "hang" with me) can attest to that. The only exception is when I can talk about myself and my personal experience relating to the topic at hand. (Like this right now).

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    Which part confuses you?

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    Default Re: Introversion

    I can understand that, i felt really identified with the comic as soon as a i saw, although like you i don't have borderline "STAY AWAY FROM MY HAMSTER BALL!" issues.

    Also for people saying this comic picture introverted people as someone with special needs: You only feel that way because they other kind of people/mood (Extroverted, Antisocial, etc) isn't clearly pictured in here too. Otherwise you would realize every people have their own special needs :P.

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    I disagree, the point is simply that people are people regardless of type and introversion isn't such a special quality that it needs a guide or an FAQ, the perception as such only stems from how a lot of people tend to wrongly assume things about introverts and think that all of them must necessarily be loners on the Internet or something of that kind when the truth is far from that.

    Think about it, why isn't there a guide on extrovert people then? That seems to be assumed to be the norm when people of all kinds exist and moods change all the time. The trait only indicates what you tend to be, not what you're going to be like all the time.

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    Default Re: Introversion

    What i was just trying to say was, that since everyone have their own special needs, then they aren't really that special anymore.

    And the reason why a Introvert "Guide" is even made, its because (and i hope you agree), most introverts aren't really vocal about their needs or their actions, unlike extroverts that are really open.

    Seriously though, the image should be considered more as a "Introvert General FaQ", since being and Extrovert or a Introvert are just the extremes of the spectrum, nobody says you can't be somewhere around in the middle, or more inclined towards one side, people after all aren't On and Off switchs.

    Edit: Another common misconception that can be cleared about Introverts is that they don't really shut up any kind of social interaction, but if you force them to it, they feel often weird or nervous, making them tired of it, so all in all the "hamster ball" isn't really a ball of total protection against everything, its just their comfort zone, and going beyond there or having someone invade it feels awkward or weird (Missing the right word :X).

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    I envy ambiverts.
    That is all.

    But no really, i know a lot of self-proclaimed introverts who can't shut up about the special snowflakes they are. Grinds my gears. Especially when they think that being an introvert means that your social skills are lacking. No, you're a plantain because you're a plantain, not because you're an introvert, introverts aren't automatically bad at being social.

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    I do agree with that and many of the points raised in the comic, it's just that the guide makes me think more of a shy and rare creature than an actual person who might warm up more if they had a little more space. That and what you said about how people are rarely on the extreme side of either spectrum just shows how unnecessary this would be if people in general actually thought more about how someone other than them might be - gasp! - different.

    Besides, some of those tips such as saying hello and being polite and relaxed are weird because everyone you don't know well would appreciate that. :| It makes introverts sound calculating and not inclined to waste time on small talk when that's not true of all of them.

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    i kinda identify with both introversion and extroversion. I really enjoy talking and meeting with people and like to share my energy with people. I find that a lot of fun and perfect for me. However, other times i'm just tired of people and want to be by myself. It's relaxing and gives me a break from all the people that I meet (this event usually happens after I've gone to some ridiculously large gathering of people and I'm just completely drained).

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    Default Re: Introversion

    I guess what someone said in this thread applies for you, more than being an introverted/extroverted person you simply have a Intro/Extro Mood.

    @Malthe; Ambiverts?

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    Ah yes, I've seen this comic before and I really do relate to it, for the most part at least.
    One thing I'm pretty "meh" about is the "Say hello, be polite and relaxed, show that you recognize and approve of their presence." I really couldn't care less whether or not people notice me and I would rather have them not notice me at all because then it means less distractions.

    I'm only really comfortable with a group of friends, but even then I'm pretty quiet.
    My persona online is much more open due to the anonymity of it all.

    I've always been this way and it really irks me when people tell me to go out and make friends or go to bars and such.
    That's not my thing. I am not comfortable in those situations.
    "But it's not healthy" If I've been doing just fine for the past 18 years (of social activities) without making much friends, I can do just fine like that for the rest of my life.
    I don't need to depend on other people nor do I need to be surrounded in people all the time. I'd rather spend my time on my own, which I pretty much always do.



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