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  1. Cash4 Should I equip this Empress Shoulder?

    I recently bought a Lionheart Shoulder for 500m that was 7 attack, 3 lined rare, and a bonus pot of +10 attack, with the original intent of reselling it. (EDIT: In Bera).
    Used a chaos scroll on it, got it to 11 attack.

    I'm relatively unfunded, but I'm not sure if using this shoulder or selling it would be ideal.

    Current Equips:
    Empress hat -- 5 attack, Useless 2 line epic pot
    Clean Empress gloves -- Useless 3 line rare pot
    6% STR, 15 STR Neos Top
    3% STR Neos Bottom
    6% Half Earrings
    8 attack, 3% STR Dark War Greaves(Bonus attack from Potential)
    6% Tempest Ring
    6% Tempest Pendant
    9% Tempest Belt
    6% Tempest Shoulder
    Clean Mystic Eye/Face accessories
    Clean Elite Hellasium Warrior Cape
    Strong Ring S/Evo Ring III/ABR
    Really weak 121 Reverse Nibleheim.

    Now, I'm planning on using the 8th anniversary event to scroll a 170+ Attack Battle Scimitar and replace my equips with Empress, but I'm not sure if I should use this shoulder or not. I could either use the shoulder, sell the shoulder and buy a clean one, or sell it to buy something else. If I were to use this shoulder, I would likely sell the Neos top and use Dojo Gloves instead.

    What exactly should I do? And are there any easy upgrades I can do?

  2. Default Re: Should I equip this Empress Shoulder?

    I'd say sell it. You have a lot of areas where relatively cheap but effective improvements can be made, and a high stat shoulder isn't nearly as necessary as, say, a better glove.

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    At 21 WA, the boost from the Empress shoulder is relatively minor compared to say 6% or 9% stat, and you're down only 18WA which is way less than ~300WA that you possess while battling.

    Sell your stuff, PQ and get a dimensional glove, or some more decent EQ. Let's put it this way: either get everything Empressed (cape and all!), or leave most of them out. You need the set effect for it to be really good, and that is why I myself am so reluctant to try on a set of Empress EQ when my Mesoranger suit and stuff do pretty much better.

    Mystic set is only worthwhile if you Chaos the EQ and get the accessories some decent WA on them (like... 3-4WA for the facial stuff) plus cube and get their set effects. The cost of everything is dreadful if you're not heavily into it so get some more decent EQ... even spiegelmann's moustache does better than Mystic face accessory by itself, and it doesn't take much effort to get 50 coins a week (or 5 days?).

    Dojo gloves would be nice (but I'm not sure of stats so you must compare yourself), but of course that and Dimensional gloves are both free...

    Secondary weapon? Are you a Hero? Go get plenty of Evo coins and get yourself one of those nice 5WA secondary EQ.

    If you could find a cheap Loveless Nibelheim... or something like that. The reverse just doesn't cut it... I could easily do much better with plenty of tablets and an Askaron or Dragonic Askaron, if you can find the recipe, and I like the bonus stats those give. And they're free, just that they take time to finish up.


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    Default Re: Should I equip this Empress Shoulder?

    Sell it for a lot of mesos, its 21att and big ballers will pay out for it, haha. I think I saw it yesterday and thought "What a steal"



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