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    Are there any other ways to get these scrolls at 70%/90%/100% besides Hot Times? I know that there are 20% variations that boom, but I feel like that's too low of a chance to scroll my weapon. I have about 30 mules, but they're all Lumis, and my main is a DB, so I won't be getting WATT scrolls, and need an alternative way to get WATT in case no one wants to trade or I can't get service.
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    mfw you get to choose which scroll you want

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    Hm? You don't get to choose o-o. My apologies if the OP was misleading.

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    I'm almost 100% sure we won't get that scroll.
    KMS is only doing that to get their maplers back.

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    Whereas GMS doesn't need to get its maplers back?

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    Dunno about Kradia, but Scania is pretty packed.
    So packed that I can't even enjoy my 2x.

  7. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
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    That's because Nexon "upgraded" their servers
    The financial report they just made shows that the NA branch is in the worst decline.

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    I am oddly pleased to hear that. They're finally suffering for turning this game into a pay-to-win kind of game!

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    There's no way in the Korean version other than hot times, I'm pretty sure. Since ours will probably be an in-game giveaway, since we've never used the Main Character function, like, ever (there were a few times, I think), you should probably just level a bunch of mules that would get a One-Handed Weapon for ATT scroll to 13 or possibly 30.

    The regions that originated most of the pay-to-win stuff, Korea and Japan, are doing just peachy. Barely any of the really cash grabby things originated in gMS, we have like... Marvel Machine, and I'm not sure what else, everything else came from the Korean and Japanese versions of Maple. Cubes came from kMS, the idea of using more cubes to increase lines on an item came from jMS (which initially deprived us of the much better, in terms of success rate, stamping system from kMS). There's some stuff from China and Taiwan as well, like the Jett Core things and those new Tinkerer equips.

    The success of these regions aren't necessarily based on Maple, though. Hell, Japan is up 221% from last year, probably because of all the new mobile games they've acquired. Aren't mobile games all like, you can only do a certain amount of things a day before you eventually have to pay to do more things in a day?

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    Erghh, I made Lumis because they were easiest to level Guess I need to make new accounts and train them to 30... again.



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