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  1. Default What has happened in maple over the past few months?

    I have just returned to maple after a ~6 month hiatus, and I was wondering what I have missed in this time period. It seems like there are many new items and much more content. What should I know about the updated maplestory?


  3. Default Re: What has happened in maple over the past few months?

    Revolving Door
    Point Value: Thread deletion
    Applies: Everywhere except blogs and visitor messages. Only new and coming back threads are allowed in Amherst.
    Definition: "A thread made to announce that one is quitting or coming back to MapleStory or the forums."
    Additional Comment: We have thousands of members. While each and every member is important, we don't care who is or is not quitting. As a subset of these we also do not allow "I've just come back tell me everything that happened while I was away." You need to read the updates yourself to catch up.



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