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Thread: It worth it?

  1. Question It worth it?

    Hello to everybody in SP!.
    I'm glad to write here, be cause I have doubts, and I think you can help me a lot .
    I really wanted to come back and enjoy the Maple Universe (last time I played was, before/between big bang). I read a lot of topics be cause I though I need to update my knowledge.
    I discovered that I need NX to make really good damage, and I can't spend money to buy $$ thanks to living in south america -_- and be cause it's really expensive to me.
    At the moment, I stopped playing MS and started a Private Server of Ragnarök, the project it's going pretty well and I like it... but at the same time I really want to play MS.

    To be brief, I have two MMORPGs I want to play and enjoy, but I know if I couldn't handle both at the same time, so I have to choose one.
    Being a maple explorer? or a Ragnarök Admin?

    Thanks for reading.

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    option 2 if you cant afford playing over extended period of time to get armor(similar to my case)

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    Option 2 hands down, and head down to the General Discussion section to read the topics there if you want to know more about why option 1 would be a bad idea as an investment of your time.

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    If you just want to grind, PQ and make friends go ahead and play MS. You won't be able to level fast or get into top tier bosses without spending great amounts of money or time, though. I spent $700 in my DB, I'm way above average but nowhere near the range that people needs to get into Empress, CPB and who knows what else. Check Project Nostalgia thread, nice people and guild and all without the money wasting.

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    I'd choose Maple anytime!
    Keep in mind though that is is absolutely not needed to spend real money on the game. Several of my buddies never spend a penny to maple and still hitting cap nonstop, being able to solo empress and shet.
    It is just how you play it that makes it fun, and if you want damage you just got the challenge to merch like a boss =)

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    Option 2. Maple's constantly being screwed up. Playing without NX is not worth or.
    @Eyon; I'm surprises and sceptical. As far as I know, you have the choice between buying truckloads of NX, hacking, or both.

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    It also kind of depends on the RO server. You're running it, right?
    1. Are you the only person playing on the server? RO does get boring with just single-player (to be fair, so does Maple). Especially if you're an admin, you're probably not gonna have much reason to actually play through Ragnarok and grow your character without the temptation of just giving yourself stuff. Maple will let you.

    2. If you decide to play a Ragnarok server and not host your own, you still have to pick from all the private servers out there. You're probably aware of several already, and quality can really fluctuate.

    3. You can always play both. There's no weekly quota of playtime for MapleStory, and you definitely don't need NX for half-decent damage.

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    @Dudewitbow; @Curtiss; @Encyclopedic;
    It's sounds dissapoiting that the NX have a HUGE impact in how people choose their party members and play along...
    I was trying to join up the Nostalgia Project, but then I realized that I don't like the original adventurers and I don't want to break o try to change rules for something that sounds stupid.
    Yes, I'm running it from scratch.
    1. Right now the server is still in development, we are adding quite a bit of custom content and the server will be part of a latin-american (argentinian to be exact) forum, so I'm sure that we will start with... 30 o 40 online players.
    About the items and those stuff, It's hard to keep the temptation, but I have ideas of making the GM's accounts some twists, so it will be hard to make/trade, so the internal economy doesn't get screwed.
    2. Thanks for bringing this, but I'm decided to make a server, this is be cause I see some potential content that can be appealing and different to implement and that it doesn't used to the max.
    3. I really want to play 2 o 3 games, but It always ends in the same place. Picture this: I spend time playing 3 o 4 games (not necessary MMO), I use a 25 or 30% of my concentration and time to everyone, but then I give all my effort to one game until I get screwed there, and then change to another.
    So I always hop from one game to another, and when I get back to the first one, I didn't like what I was doing, then I erase everything and start from 0.
    I hope you understand this idea, be cause I didn't know how to explain it.

    Thank everybody, you really helped me, I have a more clear view about this .



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